MIKE TRAMP – Capricorn {2018 Anniversary Edition Remastered}

MIKE TRAMP - Capricorn {2018 Anniversary Edition Remastered} full

Former White Lion frontman MIKE TRAMP‘s debut album as a solo artist, “Capricorn”, saw the light of day 20 years ago back in 1998. Now the right time has come properly reissue the LP long time out of print. “Capricorn 2018 Anniversary Edition” has been remastered by Tramp himself at Medley Studios in Copenhagen and the artwork carefully restored and refreshed.

Tramp says: “22 years ago, I walked into a recording studio in Reno, Nevada to record my first solo album. I was both curious and nervous. Did I have style, did I have a sound.
Now looking back after 10 solo records ‘Capricorn’ is the foundation of every album I have done ever since, it is Mike Tramp, it makes me proud”.

First released in France on the CNR Music label in November 1997. the album was subsequently given a much wider distribution with the North American release on the 10th of February 1998 through CMC International, at which point Tramp commenced a solo tour in support of it.
The album was also picked up in Britain by Music For Nations records. These re-releases included the EP / Maxi Single titled “Leftovers” with 4 songs taped during the same recording sessions.
Wondering why these bonuses aren’t present into this 2018 remastered reissue.

Musically, “Capricorn” is splendid.
On this debut solo album Tramp sings and plays guitar on all songs. All solos are played by Kenny Korade, who also played in with Mike in his post White Lion band, Freak Of Nature.
Since I discovered the album back in the late Nineties, it has kept its status as my favorite Mike Tramp solo album. It is one of those records I still pull out from the shelf and enjoy as much as I did twenty years ago.
That speaks of its timeless quality.

Back then, it took some time before it really hit me how great the album was.
The style is Melodic Rock in nature with Classic Rock leanings, and has everything going for it; great melodies, lovely choruses, cool guitar solos, very personal lyrics, a somewhat melancholic atmosphere, and not one bad or indifferent song.
Everything comes together around the unique voice of Mike Tramp. Can this guy sing or what? He has an amazing voice filled with emotion in every song. Most of the lyrics seem to be based on personal experiences. It gives the album an extra dimension.

All the album is very good as a whole, but if I have to pick some ‘If I live Tomorrow’, ‘Here I don’t Belong’, ‘Heart of every Woman’, ‘Better Off’, and ‘Love will Come and Go” (which has a little The Beatles influence in it) are among my favorites. Once these songs get in your head they will be forever etched in your mind. They are soooo good.
The more you listen to “Capricorn”, just got better and better every time.

MIKE TRAMP - Capricorn {2018 Anniversary Edition Remastered} back

The 2018 reissue of “Capricorn” will be made available in white limited-edition vinyl LP (500 copies only), CD and digital.
In connection with the release of “Capricorn”, Tramp will perform two exclusive “Capricorn” shows at Zeppelin Rock Bar in Copenhagen.
Highly Recommended

01 – Already Gone (remastered 2018)
02 – If I Live Tomorrow (remastered 2018)
03 – Here I Don’t Belong (remastered 2018)
04 – Heart of Every Woman (remastered 2018)
05 – Have You Ever (remastered 2018)
06 – Better Off (remastered 2018)
07 – Had I Not Complained (remastered 2018)
08 – Running Out of Life (remastered 2018)
09 – Wait Not for Me (remastered 2018)
10 – Love Will Come and Go (remastered 2018)

Mike Tramp – Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Kenny Korade – Guitar
Jerry Best – Bass
Dorian Crozier – Drums
Kim Bullard – Keyboards
James LoMenzo – Backing vocals


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