DOMINOE – The Lost Radio Show (2018)

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Behind the driving forces of mastermind / guitarist Robert Papst and singer Jörg Sieber, DOMINOE has been producing music / albums for over 30 years, being their first two LP must have pieces of classy Euro ’80s AOR. “The Lost Radio Show” is their new album to be released by Pride & Joy tomorrow, and not, it isn’t a live recording, but a wonderful piece of classic Melodic Rock.

Robert Papst is a renowned producer and advertising maker nowadays, but from time to time play some gigs with Dominoe.
The material for “The Lost Radio Show” was originally recorded for a British radio show in 2008, ‘live into the studio’, multi-tracked and with CD quality. The planned radio show never happened, and parts of these recordings were lost at the time because of a hard disk crash. The incomplete tapes ended up in Papst’s archives.

By chance, Papst discovered these “tapes” again in the year 2018. Most of the tracks from th original sessions were used and only the truly lost parts have been newly recorded. Former Dominoe members and longtime musical friends helped to complete the album.

The song selection cover the entire Dominoe career since formed, re-worked with the band’s current sound more melodic rock / classic rock oriented.
As you see in the album artwork, this is trip back to the ’80s through excellent songs in this genre, revitalized and updated to the new century mastered at L.A. by Grammy winner Gavin Lurssen.
Highly Recommended


01 – One More Sugar
02 – Satellite
03 – Dark Dogs
04 – Angel Don’t Cry
05 – Senses
06 – Don’t Touch Me, I Like It
07 – I Don’t Know
08 – Raining
09 – Let’s Talk About Life
10 – No More Lies
11 – Irresistible
12 – Comin’ Home
13 – Let It Rain
14 – Here I Am
15 – Keep the Fire Burnin’

Jorg Sieber – lead Vocals
Robert Papst – guitars
Gunter Skitschak – guitars
Christian Birawsky – drums, backing vocals
Henner Malecha – bass
Eddie Daum, Ed Straker – keyboards
Janina Dietz – backing and lead vocals
Grazia Satler, Jane Bogaert – backing vocals
Timo Kresslein – backing vocals, percussion



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