TWISTED SISTER – You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll [remastered & expanded 2018]

TWISTED SISTER - You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll  [remastered & expanded 2018] full

The new 2-CD expanded edition of “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll” released yesterday has been remastered in 2018 especially for this set, and includes three studio bonus tracks; ‘One Man Woman’, ‘Four Barrel Heart Of Love’ and ‘ Feel The Power’ which previously appeared on the B-Side of the ‘You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll’ EP.

The second CD comprises of their raw and raucous live set from London’s fabled Marquee Club from March 1983. Recorded specifically to be used as B-Sides for the aforementioned ‘I Am (I’m Me)’ and ‘The Kids Are Back’ singles, it appears here in its entirety and newly remastered from the original analogue tapes.

As well as the then unreleased ‘I Am (I’m Me)’ and title track from the forthcoming “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll” album, the set includes favourite covers from the Rolling Stones (It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll), Slade (‘Let the Good Times Roll’) and Shangri Las (‘Leader Of The Pack’), as well as ‘What You Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt You)’, ‘Sin After Sin’ and ‘Bad Boys (Of Rock ‘N’ Roll)’ from the “Under The Blade” debut.

Featuring an updated cover artwork, this punchy clear fresh remaster of this kick @ss album complete the request made here some time ago of some Twisted Sister’s iconic albums.
“You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll” is one of the best from Dee Snider & Co, and a must in your collection.

CD 01: You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll Remastered 2018
1. The Kids Are Back (Remastered)
2. Like A Knife In The Back (Remastered)
3. Ride To Live, Live To Ride (Remastered)
4. I Am (I’m Me) (Remastered)
5. The Power And The Glory (Remastered)
6. We’re Gonna Make It (Remastered)
7. I’ve Had Enough (Remastered)
8. I’ll Take You Alive (Remastered)
9. You’re Not Alone (Suzette’s Song) (Remastered)
10. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll (Remastered)
11. One Man Woman (Remastered)
12. Four Barrel Heart Of Love (Remastered)
13. Feel The Power (Remastered)

CD 02: Live at The Marquee 1983 Remastered 2018
1. What You Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt You) (Remastered)
2. Sin After Sin (Remastered)
3. Bad Boys (Of Rock ‘N’ Roll) (Remastered)
4. Destroyer (Remastered)
5. Leader Of The Pack (Remastered)
6. Tear It Loose (Remastered)
7. Band Rap (Remastered)
8. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll (Remastered)
9. Run For Your Life (Remastered)
10. Shoot ‘Em Down (Remastered)
11. Dee’s Rap (Remastered)
12. It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It) (Remastered)
13. Band Introductions (Remastered)
14. I Am (I’m Me) (Remastered)
15. Under The Blade (Remastered)
16. Let The Good Times Roll (Remastered)

Dee Snider – lead vocals
Jay Jay French – guitar, backing vocals
Eddie “Fingers” Ojeda – guitar, backing vocals
Mark “The Animal” Mendoza – bass, backing vocals
A. J. Pero – drums, percussion


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