TRIXTER – Hear! [2018 reissue / Music On CD]

TRIXTER - Hear! [2018 reissue / Music On CD] full

Long time out of print in Europe and quite hard to find worldwide, Universal Music and specialized Dutch label Music On CD are reissuing “Hear!”, the underrated second album from New Jersey melodic hard rockers TRIXTER.

Originally released in 1992 when Trixter began a second North American tour opening for Kiss, the first six songs on “Hear!”, from the opener “Road Of A Thousand Dreams” to “Bloodrock” are simply some of the greatest in hair metal history.

“Road of a Thousand Dreams” was the first single, and when the second “Rockin Horse” was released, they began headlining a club tour called The Hear Club For Men Tour.
“Hear!” did very well in Japan, so the band was invited over to do two shows: One in Osaka at Moda Hall and the second in Kawasaki at Club Citta.

TRIXTER - Hear! [2018 reissue / Music On CD] back

Trixter’s “Hear!” never has been remastered, nor this reissue, but the new digital transfer technique – which augment the signal / Dynamic Range without distortion – makes wonders here. The album comes full out of the speakers, much more potent than the original CD press.
Trixter is hair metal at its best, one of the last albums from the genre released before the musical climate change in America.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Road Of A Thousand Dreams
02 – Damn Good
03 – Rockin’ Horse
04 – Power Of Love
05 – Runaway Train
06 – Bloodrock
07 – Waiting In That Line
08 – Nobody’s A Hero
09 – Wild Is The Heart
10 – What It Takes
11 – As The Candle Burns
12 – On The Road Again

Peter “Pete” Loran – lead vocals
Steve Brown – lead guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
P. J. Farley – bass guitar, backing vocals
Mark “Gus” Scott – drums, percussion, backing vocals
additional musician:
Liad Cohen – keyboards


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