SHARK ISLAND – Law Of The Order + Alive At The Whisky [2CD Bad Reputation remaster +5]

SHARK ISLAND - Law Of The Order + Alive At The Whisky [2CD Bad Reputation remaster +5] full

French reissue label Bad Reputation has been doing a great job releasing ‘Collector Series / Remastered with Bonus’, with the main attraction being the addition of bonus tracks or bonus disc, making these reissues the ‘definitive expanded versions’. In a Rock Candy Records fashion, these are official remasters in arrangement with the original recording companies.
Their own remastered version of SHARK ISLAND‘s great album Law Of The Order” comes with 3 bonus tracks, and an extra disc including their hard to find record Alive At The Whisky, plus two previously unreleased on CD B-sides.

This five piece melodic hard rock group was formed in 1986 from the ashes of L.A. glam rockers the Sharks. The band released their debut by themselves and become one of the hottest live acts in California,
so they were quickly snapped up by Epic Records.
In 1989 – the golden year – Shark Island released their “Law Of The Order” album, a fantastic piece of late ’80s melodic hard rock, dare I say hair metal even, that I feel was severely overlooked by the record buying public.

As said, criminally underrated and rarely mentioned in ‘Best of 1989’ lists, “Law Of The Order” remains a favorite for me, comfortable like an old friend and always comes out nice. Lead off track, “Paris Calling”, was also the single and music video and is near five minutes of pure melodic rock heaven.
“Paris Calling”, together with the next two tracks, “Shake for Me” and “Somebody’s Falling”, are all basically the perfect compositions on the genre, and should have flooded radio and driven this band into the lofty heights of stardom.

SHARK ISLAND - Law Of The Order + Alive At The Whisky [2CD Bad Reputation remaster +5] booklet

“Bad for Each Other” is a little more ballady and was also recorded by Contraband in 1991. Contraband was the short-lived supergroup that consisted of Shark Island’s vocalist Richard Black alongside Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns), Bobby Blotzer (Ratt), Michael Schenker (MSG), and Share Pedersen (Vixen).
“Passion to Ashes” picks up the pace once again and “Spellbound” keeps it going, both loaded with the catchy guitar hooks and fantastic melodies found all over this album.

Some albums tend to lose momentum throughout, but not “Law Of The Order” with its the sing-along choruses electrified by Black‘s gritty and versatile vocal ranges.
“Get Some Strange” probably bests “Paris Calling” and it’s cronies from the early part of the album for the choice cut of the collection. The spoken word section during the breakdown of “Get Some Strange”, obviously a guy talking to his girlfriend, is classic ’80s, reminding me of Twisted Sister‘s ‘Love is for Suckers’.

“Why Should I Believe” is a tender power ballad according to times that deserved major exposure, and then the album ramps up for a big finish with “Ready or Not”, another high energy, uptempo rocker followed by Shark Island‘s rockin’ cover of Fleetwood Mac‘s “The Chain”, really well done.

SHARK ISLAND - Law Of The Order + Alive At The Whisky [2CD Bad Reputation remaster +5] back

“Law Of The Order” should be listened to by all class Melodic Hard Rock aficionados, and this Bad Reputation remastered reissue is the one to pick up. It’s paired with the July 14, 1989, Bastille Day – Alive At The Whiskey album and includes a bunch of bonus tracks.
This is a killer record from start to finish, with that polished, huge production form 1989.
A buried treasure – HIGHLY Recommended

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CD 1: “Law Of The Order +3” remastered
01 – Paris Calling
02 – Shake For Me
03 – Somebody’s Falling
04 – Bad For Each Other
05 – Passion to Ashes
06 – Spellbound
07 – Get Some Strange
08 – Why should I Believe
09 – Ready or Not
10 – The Chain
11 – My City
12 – Dangerous
13 – Father Time

CD 2: “Alive At The Whiskey +2” remastered
01 – Paris Calling
02 – Ready Or Not
03 – Shake For Me
04 – Get Some Strange
05 – Passion To Ashes
06 – Make A Move
07 – Spellbound [Live] (from Tied Up And Held Down CDs)
08 – Sanctuary [Live] (from Tied Up And Held Down CDs)

Richard Black – lead vocals
Spencer Sercombe – guitars, backing vocals
Chris Heilmann – bass, backing vocals
Greg Ellis – drums, percussion



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