PERFECT CRIME – Blonde On Blonde [YesterRock remaster]

PERFECT CRIME - Blonde On Blonde [YesterRock remaster] full

Reissued by YesterRock Records with a superb remastering job, “Blonde On Blonde” by PERFECT CRIME is a mandatory listen for all fans of classic female fronted Melodic Rock.
One of the best acts in this genre ever emerged from Norway, PERFECT CRIME was founded in the second half of the Eighties by great female singer Bente Smaavik, Jimmy Iversen on guitars and bass player Steinar Eikum (ex- TNT).

Originally known under the band name Blonde On Blonde, the group recorded and released privately their debut ‘Labyrinth Of Love’, which quality gained them a recording contract with EMI Norway.
The label decided flew the group to England, hire ex- Whitesnake Bernie Marsden to produce, and change their name to PERFECT CRIME, and entitle the new album as their previous moniker; “Blonde On Blonde”.

This wonderful slice of female fronted Melodic Hard Rock only was released in Scandinavia in 1990, sold out soon and became a rare collector’s item.
“Blonde On Blonde” is in the same league of other contemporary female fronted MHR bands like Saraya or If Only, plenty of catchy rhythms and soaring melodies.
They have a singer with the looks – and more importantly the voice – competent bandmates (Iversen & Eikum wrote all the songs) and a terrific set of British musicians behind them to make the thing tick over in drummer Willy Bendiksen (Road, The Snakes), keyboard maestro Don Airey and Bernie Marsden not only producing, but also recording additional guitars, a guest solo and backing vocals.

Tracks like the AORish commercial opener “Into The Water” and the classic melodic hard rocker “Shame On You” are great examples of quality female fronted Rock with solid musicianship and catchiness.
“One Of These Days” is one of the pure AOR tracks on the CD from the opening keys and rhythm section to the elegant guitars and specially the velvety vocalization by Smaavik. The chorus is catchy and contagious.
“Love Me Or Leave Me” is a rocking bluesy affair with a cool horns arrangement, followed by the very good ballad “Perfect Crime” where the lead vocals take the central stage.
“Liar” rocks in an ’80s fashion featuring a guest solo by Marsden with a sound that even the biggest Whitesnake fan won’t recognize at first listen.

All tracks are good, but “Am I Right” is definitely my favorite, one of those classic midtempos full of magic, melody and a top class chorus. Just perfect.
The slightly bluesy “Lying Eyes” has a lot of essence, followed by the rocking “Key In The Door”, the more guitar driven track on the album with nice keyboards as well.
Closer “Stripped To The Bone” is another winner, a Whitesnake-esque melodic rocker with shining vocals over a toneful riff.

PERFECT CRIME - Blonde On Blonde [YesterRock remaster] back

“Blonde On Blonde” is a long lost underground classic from the Scandi scene, a great disc of female fronted Melodic Hard Rock at its best.
There were some bootlegs floating around, but the quality sound of this remaster does not admit comparisons. “Blonde On Blonde” now sounds bigger, brighter, with clear-cut bass frequencies.
A must have for any Melodic Hard Rock / AOR fan, specially the ones in love with excellent female vocals.
Buy it before it disappears again : Highly Recommended.

01 – Into The Water
02 – Shame On You
03 – One Of These Days
04 – Love Me Or Leave Me
05 – Perfect Crime
06 – Liar
07 – Am I Right
08 – Lying Eyes
09 – Key In The Door
10 – Stripped To The Bone

Bente H. Smaavik – vocals
Jimmy Iversen – guitar
Steinar Eikum – bass
Wild Willy Bendiksen – drums
Don Airey – keyboards
Dennis Greaves, Mick Lister – backing vocals
Bernie Marsden – backing vocals, guitar solo on ‘Liar’
Arranged & Produced by Bernie Marsden


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