NEWMAN – Decade II [2-CD] (2018)

NEWMAN - Decade II [2-CD] (2018) full

NEWMAN apparently is one of the most productive bands out there when it comes to melodic rock. Their latest studio effort Aerial is still kind of fresh, but now AOR Heaven Records will release “Decade II“, a kind of expanded best-of containing a 2-disc set.
There’s no less then 17 tracks on each CD, 34 track in total.

However, this is not just a ‘compilation’. Steve Newman and his band has re-recorded all songs especially for this release.
Half of the songs has been selected from the five albums Newman released in the last ten years, but the other half are unreleased, or at least rare songs (e.g. Japanese bonus tracks) taken from that very period.

Newman already released some time ago ‘Decade I’, covering the first ten years / discography of the band from 1997 to 2007. Now it’s time for the second decade of the band, from 2007 – 2017, and “Decade II”.

The good thing here comes from two sides; the 17 ‘best of’ songs have been re-recorded so are some kind of new, fresh. And the other 17 songs are like a new album, because most are unreleased.
Newman has been faithful to the original versions, so he have here a varied material ranging from Melodic Hard Rock to AOR.
Great release ; HIGHLY Recommended

CD 1:
1. Hero To Zero
2. Heading For Your Heart
3. Ghost In The Night
4. Feel Her Again
5. Stay With Me
6. The Elegance Machine
7. Killing Me
8. Primitive Soul
9. Endless
10. Fire With Fire
11. Scar Of Love
12. 15 Minute Revolution
13. She Walks In Silence
14. Under Southern Skies
15. Had Enough
16. Tumble Down
17. For The Man I Am

CD 2:
1. Breaking The Barrier
2. Girl Found Love
3. Liar
4. One More Night With You
5. Fight No More
6. She’s The Woman
7. Nightmare
8. Angel
9. World Keeps Turning
10. In Too Deep
11. The More I Love
12. Crossed My Heart
13. A Witness To Love’s Decline
14. Does It Feel The Same?
15. Race Of A Lifetime
16. Never Becomes Again
17. My Fantasy


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