FREAK KITCHEN – Confusion To The Enemy (2018)

FREAK KITCHEN - Confusion To The Enemy (2018) full

Four years on from their critically acclaimed previous album, Gothenburg experimental / progressive / metal trio FREAK KITCHEN are back with a new album titled “Confusion to the Enemy“. Never a band to rush things, Freak Kitchen, led by world-renowned guitarist Mattias ‘Ia’ Eklundh (ex Fate), are meticulous in their approach to recording.

Drawing influences from Frank Zappa to Dream Theater, from Metallica to Kiss, via a passion for Indian Carnatic music and konnakol, Freak Kitchen is a different beast from all you usually listen to: this band is unique.
Famed equally for their musical dexterity as they are for their ‘off the wall’ and tongue-in-cheek fun lyrics, “Confusion to the Enemy” is packed with future Freak Kitchen favorites in this vein.

Indeed, with song titles such as ‘Morons’, ‘Auto’ – composed by Eklundh together with his Volvo car (!) – or ‘Troll’ (an homage to Swedish painter and illustrator John Bauer), expect more crazyness from the trio.
But the band also writes about social themes like in ‘Alone with my Phone’ about how self-absorbed we have become, or ‘The Era Of Anxiety’.

There’s beefy rockers like title track “Confusion to the Enemy”, while ‘Only A Dream’ is a beautiful melodious ballad from an animated movie in the works by Pixar Co-Op.
Even we find a tune in their native language in “Så Kan Det Gå När Inte Haspen Är På”.

FREAK KITCHEN - Confusion To The Enemy (2018) back

Freak Kitchen is unique, and many would say their music is not for everyone. I disagree.
There’s crazyness and a bit of experimentation, yes, but also songs in a classic format, and very good songs if you ask me. If you don’t like the couple of experimental tracks, just push the skip button and the next cut will please you.

“Confusion to the Enemy” is Freak Kitchen’s ninth album, so some people had been buying the previous. In fact, Freak Kitchen sells very well. At 0dayrox we always try offer you a varied musical palette, and this band delivers something different, and mostly, quite good.
Strongly Recommended

01 – Morons
02 – Alone With My Phone
03 – Så Kan Det Gå När Inte Haspen Är På
04 – Troll
05 – Confusion To The Enemy
06 – Push Through
07 – Only A Dream
08 – Auto
09 – By The Weeping Willow
10 – The Era Of Anxiety
11 – We Will Not Stand Down

Mattias ‘IA’ Eklundh – Guitar, Vocals
Christer Hysén – Bass, Vocals
Björn Fryklund – Drums


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