FATE – Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ [MTM Classix remaster]

FATE - Cruisin' For A Bruisin' [MTM Classix remaster] full

As requested and promised, here’s the remaining two classic FATE records, and what a tremendous albums they are. Easily among my Top 10 favorite Scandi-AOR / Melodic Rock acts of all time, FATE diversified their ’80s Melodic Rock / AOR style and sound with this, their third album “Cruisin’ For A Bruisin'”, remastered by SPV / MTM for their Classix series.

It’s quite hard for a band to top its masterpiece – Fate’s previous album ‘A Matter Of Attitude’ is a gem – but the Danish guys did it pretty well “Cruisin’ For A Bruisin'”.
Skilled guitarist Hank Sherman left the band and was replaced by ‘The Mysterious Mr. Moth’ (session musician Jacob Moth) and a permanent keyboard player added to the line up.

In fact, nothing changed in the Fate camp; melodies galore, catchy choruses, and lots of keyboards.
The production is more ‘mature’ here, atmospheric AOR / Melodic Rock sound heard in bands like Emergency, early Strangeways, Monro, early Treat, etc.

Fate re-recorded ‘Love On The Rox’ fromt the first album with an updated 1988 sound (very Europe), and while there’s a couple of rockers in ‘Knock On Wood’ and ‘Lock You Up’, this album is pure ’80 keyboard driven AOR.
Just listen to midtempo ‘Babe, You Got a Friend’, or energetic ‘Diamond in the Rough’, both plenty of magic runs and soaring vocals.

But the pearl here is the supreme ‘Lovers’ with that dut dut keyboards, pumping bass lines and huge chorus; this is pure AOR folks… one of the greatest Scandi-AOR song in history, and one of Fate’s best overall. This song alone worth this album.
This remaster is very good, not saturated and very clean.
A Must Have

01 – Beneath Da’ Coconuts
02 – Love On The Rox
03 – Knock On Wood
04 – Lovers
05 – Dead Boy, Cold Meat
06 – Babe, You Got A Friend
07 – Lock You Up
08 – Cupid Shot Me
09 – Diamond In The Rough
10 – Send A Little Money

Jeff Limbo – lead vocals
Jacob Moth – guitar
Pete Steiner – bass, backing vocals
Bob Lance – drums
Flemming Rothaus – keyboards, backing vocals


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