DC4 – Atomic Highway (2018)

DC4 - Atomic Highway (2018) full

“Atomic Highway” is the title of the new album from Los Angeles-based rock band DC4 — featuring Jeff Duncan (ARMORED SAINT, ODIN), Rowan Robertson (DIO, BANG TANGO), Shawn Duncan (ODIN, KILLER BEE), and Matt Duncan — released today via HighVolMusic.
“Atomic Highway” contains 10 tracks of epic hard rock and also features John Bush (ARMORED SAINT) and Dizzy Reed (GUNS N’ ROSES, HOOKERS N’ BLOW) on a cover of THE WHO’s “Baba O’Riley”.

Formed in the ’80s, DC4 is a band who had reached cult status over the years, with four albums under their belt. Their music blends the groovy bounce of traditional hard rock with classic metal, driven by ex DIO alumni Rowan Robertson sharp guitar riffs and Jeff Duncan’s powerful pipes.
They start with with the intro ‘Progeny’ which sets the mood for ‘Queen Of Angels’, a hard rocker mixing late a Seventies riff with the freshness of VAN HALEN. The song structure is more complex than your regular rocker, but they’re able to be so catchy when it needs.

The title track is another ace, a racing rocker with a blasting rhythm section and a crazy solo, then ‘Something In My Head’ go for a midtempo funky heaviness, some kind of DAVID LEE ROTH solo works on steroids.
‘Dominique’ is different, adding a bluesy touch with a bit of vintage AEROSMITH, but heavier. ‘Castaway’ is quite original, with its syncopated rhythm and tongue-in-cheek vocals.

‘One And Only’ is perhaps the more melodic piece here, especially the chorus, and overall it reminds an OZZY song from the past.
Next we find the very good cover of THE WHO’s ‘Baba O’Riley’, featuring John Bush (ARMORED SAINT, ANTHRAX) and the keyboards of Dizzy Reed as guest for a very rocking version of this classic.

DC4 change gears for ’21st Century Love’, a slow song – not a ballad – including acoustic guitar and a slightly dark atmosphere, like mix between QUEENSRYCHE, KING’s X and LED ZEPPELIN, providing a welcomed variation.
They end the CD with the melting hard rocker ‘Seize The Day’, with solid verses and multi-part vocals in the chorus, all with a strong DIO feeling.

DC4 - Atomic Highway (2018) back

DC4 are a classic hard rock / metal band with a traditional style for the genres in the American way, yet with an updated, modern punchy bright production.
It’s all enjoyable stuff chocked full of hot riffs, smashing rhythms and strong vocals, with well composed songs.
Strongly Recommended

01. Progeny
02. Queen Of Angels
03. Atomic Highway
04. Something In My Head
05. Dominique
06. Castaway
07. One And Only
08. Baba O’Riley
09. 21st Century Love
10. Seize The Day

Jeff Duncan – Vocals, Guitar (ARMORED SAINT, ODIN)
Rowan Robertson – Guitar (DIO, BANG TANGO)
Matt Duncan – Bass
Shawn Duncan – Drums, Percussion (ODIN, KILLER BEE)
John Bush – guitar (ARMORED SAINT)
Dizzy Reed – keyboards (GUNS N’ ROSES)


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