BRITNY FOX – Boys In Heat [Bad Reputation digitally remastered +3]

BRITNY FOX - Boys In Heat [Bad Reputation digitally remastered +3] full

Here’s another request from the Bad Reputation Records remastered series: BRITNY FOX‘s “Boys In Heat” including 3 bonus tracks.
Produced by the expertise hands of master Neil Kernon, “Boys In Heat” is the second album by Philadelphia-based Britny Fox, originally released in 1989.

After their hard rocking debut, the band added a much higher dose of melody to this second effort plus an extremely polished sound / production according to the era: the mighty 1989.
It’s a more mature Britny Fox, with that ‘big sounding’ acoustic guitars / clean electrics into the mix.

The melodic drive of each song on “Boys In Heat” never ceases from the opening track “In Motion”. This album epitomizes the Hair Metal / US Melodic Hard Rock on every track, a feel-good record from start to end.

BRITNY FOX - Boys In Heat [Bad Reputation digitally remastered +3] booklet

Dizzy Dean’s powerhouse vocals are clean and more melodious, while Michael Kelly Smith on lead guitar is as cool as they come, his guitar licks are impressive on “Boys In Heat”. The album does not lack in the powered up lead and solo department thanks to him.

“Standing in the Shadows” and “Angel in My Heart” are really catchy singles reminiscent of the first album, and “Dream On” is one of the few power ballads from that time that manages to avoid sounding like Poison’s Every Rose Has Its Thorn.
“She’s So Lonely” and “Left Me Stray” are perhaps the cuts that more retain the hair metal party, while the cover of Nazareth’s classic “Hair of the Dog” is a nice touch, rockin’ and rollin’.

BRITNY FOX - Boys In Heat [Bad Reputation digitally remastered +3] back

“Boys In Heat” showcases a more ‘polished’ side of Britny Fox, still including some fierce hard rockers.
It’s a ‘hugely produced’ record so in vogue at the end of the ’80s and I love it. One of the last true hair metal albums recorded in the golden days of the genre.
This Bad Reputation remaster is more balanced than the Cherry Red Records / Iron Bird version, working in a vinyl LP ‘triangle shape’ sonic output which I like a lot.
HIGHLY Recommended

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – In Motion
02 – Standing in the Shadows
03 – Hair of the Dog
04 – Livin’ on a Dream
05 – She’s So Lonely
06 – Dream On
07 – Long Way from Home
08 – Plenty of Love
09 – Stevie
10 – Shine On
11 – Angel in my Heart
12 – Left me Stray
13 – Long Road
14 – Girschool (Original Version)
15 – Long Way To Love
16 – Livin’ On The Edge (Iron Eagle II Soundtrack)

“Dizzy” Dean Davidson – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Michael Kelly Smith – guitars, backing vocals
Billy Childs – bass, backing vocals
Johnny Dee – drums, backing vocals

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