TOKYO BLADE – Unbroken (2018)

TOKYO BLADE - Unbroken (2018) full

Almost forty years in the game, this particular blade is still razor sharp: TOKYO BLADE are back with their new album “Unbroken“. Stalwarts of the NWOBHM, this is the band from Salisbury’s eighth studio album and finds all the original members back in the band with a sense of purpose.
And they’ve created an album worthy of their legacy.

For fans of the band, it was very exciting to hear the glorious return of original lead vocalist Alan Marsh, and so we waiting with bated breath to see if this album lived up to our expectations.
In my opinion, it does in spades. Or shoulda say in katanas?

‘Unbroken’ indeed and this proves the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Tokyo Blade sounds very ’80s here, the way they did since their third album. That meaning classic metal but very polished and with an extremely melodic twin guitar tandem.

And they sound like they haven’t missed a beat, giving us classic British metal gold with tracks like “Devil’s Gonna Bring You Down”, “Bullet Made of Stone”, the intense “Burn Down the Night”, “Black Water”, the powerful “Dead Again”, and “The Last Samurai” which is sort of a spiritual successor to ‘Warrior of the Rising Sun’.

For a more warmer, chunkier tone in the guitars and vocals there’s “The Man In Black”, with its bluesy bass intro and mid-pace chug.
Also quite melodic hard rock oriented is the catchy “No Time to Bleed”, giving off Thin Lizzy vibes with the dual-guitar intro, and just having a more sing-along feel.

TOKYO BLADE - Unbroken (2018) back

Tokyo Blade has created their strongest album since the ’80s with “Unbroken”.
It’s classic in all aspects, polished, melodic, very well written and produced. They’ve found a way to stay relevant without severing their roots.
Get this album. It proves that the Blade is still sharp and, definitely, unbroken.
Highly Recommended

01 – The Devil’s Gonna Bring You Down
02 – Bullet Made Of Stone
03 – Burn Down The Night
04 – The Man In Black
05 – No Time to Bleed
06 – Dead Again
07 – Bad Blood
08 – Black Water
09 – Stings Like An Open Wound
10 – The Last Samurai
11 – My Kind of Heaven

Alan Marsh – Vocals
Andy Boulton – Guitars
John Wiggins – Guitars
Andy Wrighton – Bass
Steve Pierce – Drums


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