NUTZ – Hard Nutz [Rock Candy remastered +6] (2018)

NUTZ - Hard Nutz [Rock Candy remastered +6] (2018) full

Rock Candy Records has just Remastered & Reloaded all NUTZ albums, officially reissued for the first time on CD. If Nutz doesn’t ring a bell on you, in the ’80s the band changed its name to RAGE, delivering 3 fantastic melodic hard rock albums featured here on the blog.
Hard Nutz” is the third album from this British band, here including 6 bonus tracks.

Nutz had been building a solid reputation in the UK as one of the best rock bands emerging during the mid-seventies. By constant touring and two previous well received albums under their belt, the band had secured a solid fan base and strong support in the media, helping to position them as an act to watch for bigger and better things.
Under normal circumstances that would have all been well and good but the times they were a changing. The emergence of punk rock looming over their shoulders suddenly turned a very sunny outlook into something altogether gloomier.

This situation couldn’t have been more unfortunate as “Hard Nutz”, the band’s third studio album, was unquestionably the pinnacle of their creative achievement thus far.
It was a record that fully refined their objectives by bringing not only their sound and material into a fully cohesive package but also positioned them as real contenders.
Sadly, as we now know, the punk climate was not conducive to the kind of traditional hard rock that Nutz had made their own.

NUTZ - Hard Nutz [Rock Candy remastered +6] (2018) disc

Featuring new member Kenny Newton on keyboards, “Hard Nutz” was greeted with an enthusiastic reception by their devoted fan base. Produced by Gary Lyons and John Sinclair (who would that same year produce the multi-million selling debut from Foreigner) the album was overwhelmed by the emergence of punk, leaving them to flounder in the mainstream.

‘Tis a pity, as tracks such as ‘Seeing Is Believing’, ‘I know The Feeling’, ‘From Here To Anywhere’ and the pre NWOBHM gallop of ‘Wallbanger’ are some of the best songs the band ever recorded.

The last studio album from Nutz shows a strong lyrical growth from their sophomore effort, and is also improved by the presence of keyboard player Kenny Newton.
The band turns in their usual bluesy boogie rock with progressive elements, but with a bit more hard rock vigor and nuance than usual. There are some interesting transitions between songs and some genuinely inventive arrangements.

NUTZ - Hard Nutz [Rock Candy remastered +6] (2018) back

Nutz never make it big into the mainstream, but “Hard Nutz” shows that they did have a good set of rock instincts, and in another place and time, they could have gone far.
Strongly Recommended

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox


01 – Seeing is Believing
02 – I Know the Feeling
03 – Loser
04 – From Here to Anywhere
05 – Wallbanger
06 – Pushed Around
07 – Beast of the Field
08 – Sick and Tired
09 – Down on My Knees
10 – One More Cup of Coffee
11 – Seeing is Believing (Live)
12 – Loser (Live)
13 – Pushed Around (Live)
14 – One More Cup of Coffee (Live)
15 – Beast of the Field (Live)
16 – Wallbanger (Live)

Vocals – Dave Lloyd
Guitar – Mick Devonport
Bass – Keith Mulholland
Drums – John Mylett
Keyboards – Kenny Newton



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    I downloaded the file NUTS.HARD__1__0dRox.rar and listened to 11 tracks from it. I’d like to hear tracks 12-16 from the NUTS.HARD__2__0dRck.rar archive, but reports that there is no such file anymore. What to do? Can you help me?
    Sorry for my bad English. This Google Translator does not know Russian well 😉
    Waiting for an answer like a nightingale of summer (Zhdu otveta, kak solovey leta)))

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