MOB RULES – Beast Reborn [2-CD Boxset Deluxe] (2018)

MOB RULES - Beast Reborn [2-CD Boxset Deluxe] (2018) full

German combo MOB RULES will release their ninth studio album, “Beast Reborn”, tomorrow August 24, in this 2-CD Box-set including a bonus disc, a patch, a poster and more, a limited edition to 500 pieces.
Their last album deservedly got great reviews, so they’ve got a tough job on their hands to make sure the new album lives up to the expectations. And it delivers.
While Mob rules started as a power metal band, as happens lately with the genre everything is really accessible, they span genres such as melodic metal and edgy hard rock.

One change since the release of the last album is the addition of a second guitarist, Sonke Janssen. That’s had an obvious impact on the sound, not just because they’ve now got a twin-guitar sound, but also because he’s such a talented player that he adds a lot.
The album starts with “Beast Reborn” which is really an intro that gradually builds with the drums, keys and guitars getting louder until “Ghost of a Chance” takes things up to full power. The dueling melodic guitars are definitely a nice touch, showcasing the importance of new guitarist Janssen.
That opener gives you a good idea of what to expect from the album – great melodic clean vocals, powerful guitars, a solid bass line and a punchy groovy drumming.

“Shores Ahead” is such a well done track. The opening riffs and melodic leads really add a classy touch and provide the perfect vehicle for Klaus Dirks’ soaring vocal attack. He has always been one hell of a vocalist and he only gets better as the years go by.
“Traveler in Time,” is a mini epic. Ominous keys, pounding bass drums, and Dirk’s vocals in an almost speaking tone begin the song before it kicks into high gear. The chorus is catchy and backed by a blanket of keys. The ending slows down a bit for clean keys to make an appearance before the song ends in a crash of thick riffs, keyboards that trail off into the night, and a crashing of cymbals.

MOB RULES - Beast Reborn [2-CD Boxset Deluxe] (2018) discs

“Children’s Crusade” is very melodic with some Jorn on it, then “War Of Currents” is a groovy midtempo, edgy hard rocker and majestic clean vocals.
Next, “The Explorer” is a rapid fire metallic song, and the epic “Revenant of the Sea,” spends the first part as a metal ballad with clean guitars and light use of keys and drums. The storm finally breaks wide open and the riffs are among the heaviest the band has written. The second half blends the clean sounds with the distortion before it blends into another heavy section with an emotional and melodic guitar solo.

Final track, “My Sobriety Mind (For Those Who Left)” is a ballad and a wonderful way to close the album. Dirks’ softer approach works perfectly with a female choir to create a touching song about dealing with loss and finding solace. There’s a great symphonic keyboard arrangement until a superb guitar solo explodes. A stunning ballad.

Then bonus disc is great.
There’s a striking version of DIO’s classic “Sacred Heart”. Klaus Dirks voice is immense on this track, and he really suits Ronnie James’ spirit. The guitars are awesome as well, and overall the band sounds incredible. This cover worth the purchase of this Box set.
Additionally, the band has re-recorded their song “Lord Of Madness (Re-Recorded)”, a punchy melodic metal track with stinging guitars all over.

MOB RULES - Beast Reborn [2-CD Boxset Deluxe] (2018) back

Mob Rules is one of the most consistent bands on the scene. Despite “Beast Reborn” being their 9th full length album, they are not very well known compared to other bands from the curren scene, and that’s a shame.
Songwriting is very, very good, musically they are superb, and production top notch. Hopefully, this album finally gets the recognition they truly deserve.
Fans of Jorn, Unisonic, Axel Rudi Pell, and yes, Ronnie James Dio need to check this monster album.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Beast Reborn
02 – Ghost of a Chance
03 – Shores Ahead
04 – Sinister Light
05 – Traveller in Time
06 – Children’s Crusade
07 – War of Currents
08 – The Explorer
09 – Revenant of the Sea
10 – Way Back Home
11 – My Sobriety Mind (For Those Who Left)

Sacred Heart (Bonus CD):
01 – Sacred Heart
02 – Lord Of Madness (Re-Recorded)

Klaus Dirks – Vocals
Markus Brinkmann – Bass
Sven Lüdke – Guitars
Nikolas Fritz – Drums
Jan Christian Halfbrodt – Keyboards
Sönke Janssen – Guitars


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