JOURNEY – Infinity [Blu-Spec CD2] [DSD remastering Limited Pressing] Out Of Print

JOURNEY - Infinity [Blu-Spec CD2] [DSD remastering Limited Pressing] Out Of Print - full

One of you commented how amazing were the Steve Perry era JOURNEY classic albums posted here in its Japanese DSD Remastering edition and pressed on Blu-Spec CD2 (similar to SHM-CD). And the remaining from these series are here now: let’s start with “Infinity” the band’s first album with vocalist Steve Perry and the last to feature drummer Aynsley Dunbar.

Simply put, “Infinity” was Journey’s breakthorugh LP.
Prior to the album recording, Journey, which at the time consisted of vocalist / keyboardist Gregg Rolie, guitarist Neal Schon, bassist Ross Valory and drummer Aynsley Dunbar, were handed a sort of ultimatum from their record label, Columbia, demanding they deliver a hit (or five) to make up for the band’s three artistically ambitious, but commercially disappointing, prior albums.

Journey’s strong-armed manager, Herbie Herbert, felt the problem could best be solved by enlisting a true frontman capable of stomping the stage (seeing as Rolie was ever trapped behind his piano), and encouraged the group to begin auditioning unknown but charismatic lead vocalists, pronto.

The first serious candidate was one Robert Fleischman, who got as far as recording a few demos and performing some scattered dates with the band before being passed over for the even more suitable Steve Perry.
With their new lineup now in place, Journey moved ahead with step two in their wholesale transformation: reinventing their sound.

JOURNEY - Infinity [Blu-Spec CD2] [DSD remastering Limited Pressing]  booklet

Journey’s fourth release saw a wholesale shift in the way they operated saying goodbye to the overwrought progressive style of yore, and that only begins with the addition of Steve Perry.
With Roy Thomas Baker installed as producer, the band began sharpening its craft in a fashion that launched ‘Infinity’ — and Journey — to multi-platinum status with hook-laden anthems like “Lights” and “Anytime” — most of them born of the brand new Perry / Schon songwriting team.

There was a new sophistication, even on towering rockers like “Winds of March” and “Opened the Door.”
The biggest hit here, “Wheel in the Sky,” lays the foundation for everything to come, while “Something to Hide” simply weeps with emotion.
Also “Feeling That Way” and “Anytime,” and that honeyed blending of Perry and Rolie. It arrives for the first time like a bolt out of the blue.
Along the way, Journey certainly released better-selling albums, but they never made a more complete one.

JOURNEY - Infinity [Blu-Spec CD2] [DSD remastering Limited Pressing] back

Indeed, for many fans and rock music aficionados in general, “Infinity” is Journey’s masterpiece.
This remaster pressed on BSCD2 is fantastic, I can hear more defined bass and cymbals, and an overall ‘studio ambiance’, alongside the pristine output (zero distortion).
A MUST for Journey fans and highly recommended to all Melodic Rock / AOR enthusiasts.

Columbia / Sony Japan ~ SICP-30134

01 – Lights
02 – Feeling That Way
03 – Anytime
04 – La Do Da
05 – Patiently
06 – Wheel In The Sky
07 – Somethin’ To Hide
08 – Winds Of March
09 – Can Do
10 – Opened The Door

Steve Perry – lead vocals
Neal Schon – guitars, backing vocals
Gregg Rolie – keyboards, backing and co-lead (2, 3) vocals
Ross Valory – bass, backing vocals
Aynsley Dunbar – drums, percussion

Out Of Print

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