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At 0dayrox we always try to give you something different in musical styles, and lately some really interesting stuff comes from the flourishing Synthwave scene. CROZET is a band – a duo in fact – which as many in this genre, alongside the arsenal of synths add to their delivery traditional Rock instruments and lyrics / vocals. “Running Time” is their new album and while the cover artwork isn’t in the typical ‘neon fashion’, don’t be fooled, these guys are pure ’80s bliss.

Formed seven years ago by multi-instrumental duo John Helmuth & Sean Lee from Philly, PA, Crozet started as a computer-based project doing covers of famous Eighties songs in a synthwave style and also composing originals.
After some time they moved to New Jersey, and the Crozet project evolved into a full, traditional Rock band, including human drummer and electric guitars, with the group performing live all over the US East Coast venues.

While Crozet and “Running Time” should be filed in the synthwave slot of bands including rock instrumentation / vocals into the mix like The Midnight, LeBrock and others featured here at 0dayrox, Crozet’s style is quite unique.
They go for more stylized ’80s rock&pop over creamy layered synths and reverb-drenched vocals.

Every song is finely crafted, into the studio completely performed, recorded and produced by Helmuth & Lee, with some external contributions to enrich the sound, such as in one personal favorite here titled ‘Moment of Nostalgia’, featuring Carl Cox on sax.
Elsewhere, you find guitars solos as on the title track, or the poppy ‘Harbor’ (check the video-track above).

For classy synthwave look for ‘You and I’ (which sounds like escaped from a 1984 John Hughes movie), the jumpy ‘Seven-Segment Display’, or the night-driving ‘Way Out’ which has a Miami Vice feel.

CROZET - Running Time (2018) inside

With refined production, writing and instrumentation Crozet brings a new sound to the Synthwave table.
Their music has all the ingredients of the genre, but the guys add a special touch and Rock instruments to the mix. Darn, closing track ‘The Universe in You’ even sounds like ’80s Peter Gabriel or The Alan Parsons Project.
Highly Recommended

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – You and I
02 – Running Time
03 – Seven-Segment Display
04 – Moment of Nostalgia (feat Carl Cox)
05 – Are You There?
06 – Harbor
07 – You’re All Around Me
08 – How to Disappear
09 – Way Out
10 – The Universe in You

John Helmuth, Sean Lee – all vocals / instruments


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