BOSTON – Walk On [Japan Ltd. Edition SHM-CD, Remastered 2016] Exclusive

BOSTON - Walk On [Japan Ltd. Edition SHM-CD, Remastered 2016] full

A long time contributor of this blog asked for BOSTON albums, best sounding CD reissues. We promised a surprise, and here it is: Boston’s fourth album “Walk On”, in its fresh 2016 remaster only released in Japan, a Limited Edition pressed on high quality SHM-CD.

“Walk On” was previously remastered in 2006, and it’s a fine job. But this new sonic treatment is even better.
Elsewhere, I hear an improved dynamic range, quite better guitar layers of sound, defined vocals and an overall punchy output.

Speaking about the music itself, “Walk On” is a very underrated album, for me, one of Boston’s best.
After the success of their 1986 album ‘Third Stage’, the band began planning a follow-up and writing for “Walk On”, which began in 1988.
However, due to the increased friction and disagreements between Tom Scholz and Brad Delp, the latter left the band in 1989 to join original Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau in forming a new band, the really good RTZ.

Soon after, Fran Cosmo (previously in the awesome project Orion The Hunter) was hired and introduced as the new lead singer. Delp returned to Boston to assist in the writing, and shared lead vocals on the subsequent Walk On Tour, though he did not sing on the album.
Additionally, top class vocalist Tommy Funderburk provided harmony / background vocals all over the recording.

BOSTON - Walk On [Japan Ltd. Edition SHM-CD, Remastered 2016]

Boston’s “Walk On” is a great album in my book, and this Japan-only fresh remastered release on SHM-CD is a must.
0dayrox exclusive

Universal Music Japan UICY-77986 【LTD SHM-CD

01 – I Need Your Love
02 – Surrender to Me
03 – Livin’ for You
04 – Walkin’ at Night
05 – Walk On
06 – Get Organ-ized
07 – Walk On (Some More)
08 – What’s Your Name
09 – Magdalene
10 – We Can Make It

Tom Scholz – guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, clavinet
Fran Cosmo – lead vocals
Gary Pihl – guitar, hand clapping
David Sikes – bass, background vocals
Doug Huffman – drums
Matt Belyea – hand clapping
Bob Cedro – rhythm guitar, special effects, hand clapping
Tommy Funderburk – background vocals


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