V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases August-Sept. 2018 – Vol.1

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases August-Sept. 2018 - Vol.1 full

Here we are again bringing to you the fresh singles / advances from upcoming releases – a lot of work and effort put to make these compilations.
Awesome Swedish AOR act CREYE signed on with Frontiers Records for the release of their self titled album, which will be issued on October 12th. ‘Christina‘ is the 2nd single, as happened with ’80s songs with woman names, expect a sweet, lovely melody.

Melodic rockers NIVA has just released yesterday their new song ‘Time To Say Goodbye’, a superb melodious tune with classy vocals and the trademark synths used by this talented band / vocalist.

British rockers NITRATE may be a new name, but you’ll recognise some of the faces; Rob Wylde (Midnite City, Tigertailz), lead vocalist Joss Mennen (Zinatra, Mennen) and Pete Newdeck (Midnite City, Eden’s Curse, Blood Red Saints, Newman). This new band are reasing their debut, full of ’80s sounds and songwriting.

BLACKTOP MOJO is not exactly a band to be featured here, but you need to listen to the cover of Fleetwood Mac’s classic “Dream”. It’s an awesome version, believe me.
LEVERAGE have released the new single “Wheels From Hell”, taken from their forthcoming album The Devil’s Turn, out on August 27th. The band, with new singer Kimmo Blom (from AORsters Urban Tale) are turning more and more melodic musically.

British hard rockers DeVIENCE have released a new single, “Beyond The Bounds” a modern rocking tune in a classic strong-style melodic rock, which is going to appeal to old school fans & the new wavers.
DARK SKY has released the first single ‘Food For A Million (Live)’ from their forthcoming album ‘Once’. The album will be released worldwide on August 17th. While recorded live, the sound is so pristine that seems a studio take. I always liked this band ‘s use of keyboards, similar in style to Zeno or Fair Warning.

British rockers CITY OF THIEVES released the new single “Born to Be Great,” taken from the band’s self-titled full length expected for release on October 12th via Frontiers Music. these guys rock in a traditional hard rock vein, and I like what I hear.
FRAGILE THINGS is a Hard Rock band from the UK as well, featuring former lead singer of Heaven’s Basement, Richie Hevanz, and they are releasing the song ‘Broken Sun’ remixed. These guys have a couple of EP out there, and are working on a full length.

“King Of Madness” is the new single from Germany’s PRIMAL FEAR, taken from the band’s new album, “Apocalypse”, which will be released on August 10 via Frontiers Music. It’s quite melodious, still retaining the band’s power approach.
Horror master ALICE COOPER is expected to release a double live album this year: the greatly titled ‘A Paranormal Evening at the Olympia Paris’, recorded on Dec. 7 last year, during Cooper’s Paranormal tour and was mixed by his longtime collaborator Bob Ezrin. His ’80s classic ‘Poison’ is one of the chosen advances, re-done with a much more dark atmosphere.

And for the end, many of you have been asking for JEFF SCOTT SOTO rare material, so take this cover of Prince ‘The Beautiful Ones’ as bonus track. Soto can sing anything, and here he will surprise you with this (still) unreleased recording.

01 – Creye – Christina
02 – Niva – Time to Say Goodbye
03 – Nitrate – Only You
04 – Nitrate – Waiting On You
05 – Jeff Scott Soto – The Beautiful Ones (Prince cover unreleased)
06 – Blacktop Mojo – Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover )
07 – Leverage – Wheels from Hell
08 – deVIence – Beyond The Bounds
09 – Dark Sky – Food for a Million (Live)
10 – Fragile Things – Broken Sun (remix)
11 – City Of Thieves – Born to Be Great
12 – Primal Fear – King of Madness
13 – Alice Cooper – Poison (Live)

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