TED POLEY – Modern Art (2018)

TED POLEY - Modern Art (2018) full

Danger Danger and Tokyo Motor Fist frontman TED POLEY will be releasing a new solo album titled “Modern Art” on July 30, 2018.
For this new record Poley wanted a new approach, and the backing band into the studio is no other than Swedes Degreed.

Indeed, “Modern Art” is Degreed with Ted Poley on lead vocals.
But while this is truly a Poley album (he has composed the songs), the Swedes brought a new sound to him, which is more modern, pretty much like Degreed’s recent self-titled album.

There’s a classy melodic rock line in opener New World’, but in follower ‘Bury Me’ you barely notice this is Ted Poley singing. He’s more Rock&pop – modern indeed – yet no less catchy. ‘Out Of Control’ adds some electronics in the background, however the chorus soars with a melodic rock pulse.

I really enjoyed the uptempo ‘Gypsy At Heart’ (some kind of Degreed meets H.E.A.T), while if you liked the last Brother Firetribe album, then ‘Time’ will do it for you.

TED POLEY - Modern Art (2018) back

Ted Poley has decided to record something different with his new solo album “Modern Art”: not repeat himself and try a new musical horizon.
For the most part, it works, mostly because having Degreed as backing band is guarantee of good musicianship and these guys know what this kind of ‘modern melodic rock’ is all about.
Fans of the aforementioned bands will dig this CD immediately, while old-school Danger Danger followers need to open their minds and try it. It’s 2018 folks.
Strongly Recommended

01 – New World
02 – Bury Me
03 – Out Of Control
04 – Gypsy At Heart
05 – Running For The Light
06 – What Kind Of Love
07 – Time
08 – Devil To My Angel
09 – Find Another Man
10 – I Know A Liar
11 – Wilderness

Ted Poley vocals
Daniel Johansson – guitar
Mats Eriksson – drums, percussion
Robin Eriksson – bass, co-lead vocals On “Wilderness”
Mikael Jansson – keyboards


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  1. Tom says:

    Hey, a quick note: I just listened to this CD and noted the track listing is incorrect. Here's the correct one, in case you want to update the blog.

    1. New World
    2. Gypsy At Heart
    3. Bury Me
    4. Out Of Control
    5. Running For The Light
    6. What Kind Of Love
    7. Time
    8. Devil To My Angel
    9. I Know A Liar
    10. Find Another Man
    11. Wilderness

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