SIGNAL – Loud & Clear [Axe Killer / Bad Reputation remaster Limited Edition] Out of Print

SIGNAL - Loud & Clear [Axe Killer / Bad Reputation remaster Limited Edition]  full

Loud & Clear“, the only album recorded by super group SIGNAL, is a must have in your collection. And the best version available is this Axe Killer Records remaster, released when the label was changing its name to the current, Bad Reputation.
It was a deluxe slip-case Limited Edition, numbered, now out of print.

SIGNAL entered into the studio in January of 1989 with master producer Kevin Elson (Journey, Europe) to record “Loud & Clear”, the one and only release by the band, a terrific set of emotional AOR tunes at its very best.
A classic album of its genre and one of my personal favourite melody-driven records from the ’80s.

SIGNAL consisted of mega killer vocalist Mark/Marcie Free (King Kobra, Unruly Child), guitarist Danny Jacob (Sheena Easton, Marc Jordan), bassist Eric Scott (Alice Cooper) and drummer Jan Uvena (Alcatrazz).

SIGNAL - Loud & Clear [Axe Killer / Bad Reputation remaster Limited Edition] disc

“Loud & Clear” is unfortunately another dreadful example of record company’s poor business, not giving great bands any support nor promo. Sure, they were perhaps a couple of years late with their sound, but we’re talking about 1989 for Christ’s sake!!!

They would definitely have sold multi-millions with the right push. Just look at the Bad English album from the same year and these songs are just as great.
The vocals on this disc are really out of this world. A great singer is half of the album, a superb singer – priceless!!!

All tracks are great – just 10 to aoid filler – being among the my favs ‘Does It Feel Like Love’,’Wake Up You Little Fool’,’You Won’t See Me Cry’, ‘This Love,This Time’, and ‘Arms Of a Stranger’.
There’s tons of heavenly melodies in there, a real epitome for what is true ’80s AOR, sweet and velvety.
Free sings so fine you’ll not escape to his charm, the instrumentation is simply stupendous, with nicely put riffs interacting with some superb keys â€Ĥall these destined to compile a grand set of tunes.

SIGNAL - Loud & Clear [Axe Killer / Bad Reputation remaster Limited Edition] back

This Axe Killer Records remaster is the best version you can get of this essential AOR record. There was a second limited edition re-issue, but out of print as well with used copies being sold at ridiculous prices. (avoid the Krescendo Records reissue, it’s horrible)
“Loud & Clear” is what perfect mellow AOR is all about. Absolute Classic for me.

01 – Arms Of A Stranger
02 – Does It Feel Like Love
03 – My Mistake
04 – This Love, This Time
05 – Wake Up You Little Fool
06 – Liar
07 – Could This Be Love
08 – You Won’t See Me Cry
09 – Go
10 – Run Into The Night

Mark Free – lead and backing vocals
Danny Jacob – guitar
Erik Scott – bass, keyboards
Jan Uvena – drums, percussion

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