RICK SPRINGFIELD – Rock Of Life [Rock Candy remaster +2]

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Rock Of Life [Rock Candy remaster +2] full

One of the worthwhile RICK SPRINGFIELD albums remastered by Rock Candy Records is “Rock Of Life“, his last ’80s record and one of the hardest to find for many years.
His previous studio record Tao went a good way to redefine his creative ambitions as he had previously, rather unjustly, been labelled as a glamorous pop rock idol with an acting profile that forever appeared to overshadow his musical career.

At this point Springfield was at a crossroads in his life both professionally and personally, looking for answers to a multitude questions that had begun to increase in importance and complexity.

“Rock Of Life” was, in many ways, a continuance of the themes touched on with Tao. Songs such as “Honeymoon In Beirut”, “World Start Turning”, “Woman” and the title track, are profoundly poignant, confessional and focus on specific personal issues.

But whilst the lyrical content may be heavy, the musical support is anything but. Produced to pin-point accuracy by long time collaborator Keith Olsen, the music is seriously upbeat, dynamic and very cutting edge, in fact it’s is generally regarded as one of the best sounding albums of the era.

The ‘who’s who’ of the L.A. session musicians play on “Rock Of Life”; exquisite guitarists Dan Huff and Tim Pierce, keyboardists Alan Pasqua and Bill Cuomo, the wonderful Tommy Funderburk and Richard Page provide harmony vocals and more.

Shortly after releasing of “Rock Of Life”, Springfield pulled back from his music career (releases and touring) in order to spend more time with his two boys and his wife, as well as focusing on his acting career. We had to wait eleven years for another Rick Springfield record.

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Rock Of Life [Rock Candy remaster] back cover

“Rock Of Life” sounds fabulous in this remaster. The already greatly recorded & mixed tracks were dynamically enhanced by Rock Candy, with the addition of two rare bonus tracks.
It’s a great and underrated album, a mandatory revision for any ’80s music fan.

01 – Rock Of Life
02 – Honeymoon In Beirut
03 – World Start Turning
04 – One Reason (To Believe)
05 – Soul To Soul
06 – Tear It All Down
07 – Woman
08 – Dream In Color
09 – Hold On To Your Dream
10 – (If You Think You’re) Groovy
11 – The Language Of Love
12 – Rock Of Life [Extended Remix]

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion – Rick Springfield
Guitar – Dan Huff, Tim Pierce
Keyboards – Alan Pasqua, Bill Cuomo
Bass – Randy Jackson
Drums, Percussion – Curt Cress
Percussion – Carol Steele
Sax – Gary Herbig, Larry Williams
Backing Vocals – Tommy Funderburk, Richard Page, Rose Banks


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  1. qwert617 says:

    Thanks for this awesome release. Hopefully Rock Candy will release Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet soon.

  2. 0dayrox says:

    It's done. Perhaps this weekend.

  3. alleyrulez says:

    when will the Lynch Mob "Wicked Sensaton" remaster be up?

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