FREE FROM SIN - II (2018) full

Three years after their debut release, Swedish rockers FREE FTROM SIN are back with a powerful new album, the appropriately titled ‘II’. Each track opens with a strong riff – many of which you may find stuck in your head for a while after listening to them.
Thanks to the new line up, the band feels rejuvenated, stronger and even more rocking than before.

One of the highlights of the album are Per Englund’s vocals, which add a powerful and interesting touch to the sound of the band. The vocals consistently show their power through the way they are sung. The lyrical content is very well written: it isn’t hard to get a very clear image of what is going on within them.
The bold messages within each song make it obvious by listening that the subject matter of the album is held very close to the whole band. Every track really ensures to draw the listener in, forcing them to look deeper into every track.

Musically, Free From Sin are robust hard rock, classic in its core with an updated production sound.
Anyone that is interested in bands such as Rainbow, Judas Priest and Deep Purple that haven’t heard of Free From Sin before should definitely check out this album.
Tracks such as ‘Gabriel’ have a somewhat a more modern feel to it which really breaks up the album in a sense, giving it some more variety.

The clean tones of the guitar during the solos over the distorted guitar tones, bass, Hammond organ and crashing drums really bring out the skills of Patrik Lämborg on guitar and cause for the solos to be a real highlight of the songs.
The dynamics of the instruments and power behind the drums really add well to every song and keep it easy to listen to because it isn’t the same sort of sound you’re hearing repeated over and over through the album.

FREE FROM SIN - II (2018) back

I feel Free From Sin have the potential to have a fairly large following due to the quality of the content that has been produced on this album.
It’s classic hard rock inspired by the greats, with a modern sound and solid production.
Strongly Recommended

01 – Pandemonium
02 – Faces of Christ
03 – Mr. Blakk
04 – God Made You Hate
05 – The Devil’s Mule
06 – Break and Burn
07 – The Unholy
08 – Crossing the Borderline
09 – Deceiver
10 – Gabriel

Per Englund (vocals)
Patrik Lämborg (guitars)
Fredrik Strömberg (keyboards)
Ulf Kronsell (bass)
Paul Ekdahl (drums)


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