EDGUY – Kingdom Of Madness (Anniversary Edition Remastered +2) (2018)

EDGUY - Kingdom Of Madness (Anniversary Edition Remastered +2) (2018) full

Some 20 years after the release of EDGUY‘s debut Kingdom Of Madness (originally appeared 1997), the album is now reissued for the first time ever. This new “Kingdom Of Madness Anniversary Edition Remastered +2” version received an impressive sonic upgrade by the well experienced engineer Miro Rodenberg (Gate Studios) who carefully remastered the album, which includes two bonus tracks.

Edguy, the band fronted by talented Tobias Sammet (also Avantasia) made their breakthrough with their second album Vain Glory Opera released in 1998. Today, Edguy is one of the leading European melodic metal bands and they have sold millions of albums and plays sold-out world tours.
‘Kingdom Of Madness’ is usually referred to as their “official” debut album since it was the first to be professionally recorded and to receive record company distribution. However, due to a limited budget production was not the best.

This release is quite interesting to test how much a proper remastering can do, but also a well done, full-on production job. If you listen to the track ‘Wings of a Dream’ in its original version, and then the one re-recorded later – featured here as bonus track – the difference is impressive.
In the new version we hear the Edguy we all know, a well oiled melodic metal machine. The original take is not that consistent, the drum sound is weaker, and the overall punch not so effective.
But this remaster has improved most of all these flaws.

Musically, ‘Kingdom Of Madness’ is a diverse melodic metal album more in the old-school than the modern, updated sound the band developed later with some power metal on it.
Even if Edguy play here very straight metal / hard rock music, they already establish complex and dark atmospheres and keep the tension and attention high, and they still have some of their typical trandmarks in their sound like the unique voice of Tobias Sammet or the melodic anthem choruses.

EDGUY - Kingdom Of Madness (Anniversary Edition Remastered +2) (2018) inside

All are strong, upbeat melodious metal songs, yet in the middle there’s “When a Hero Cries”, a piano driven ballad with synths and very sweet vocals by Sammet.
And of course “The Kingdom” might be the best epic song the band has ever written. All over its 18 minutes the track is full of different atmospheres and styles and could have perfectly fit on the first Avantasia albums.

This remastered reissue is a good chance to discover an album unheard by many, for fans of Avantasia, Helloween, etc.
And also to check how a band can sound really strong with a proper production – again, compare the two versions of ‘Wings of a Dream’ – and how a remaster can improve the overall sound of an album.

01 – Paradise
02 – Wings of a Dream
03 – Heart of Twilight
04 – Dark Symphony
05 – Deadmaker
06 – Angel Rebellion
07 – When a Hero Cries
08 – Steel Church
09 – The Kingdom
10 – Wings of a Dream (Live) [bonus track]
11 – Wings of a Dream (New Version) [bonus track]

Tobias Sammet – vocals, bass, piano, keyboards
Jens Ludwig – guitar
Dirk Sauer – guitar
Dominik Storch – drums
Additional musicians
Chris Boltendahl – guest vocals on track 9

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