DORO – Fear No Evil [Digipak +2 reissue] (2018)

DORO - Fear No Evil [Digipak +2 reissue] (2018) full

On 3rd of August, metal goddess DORO will release her long-awaited new studio album Forever Warriors – Forever United, and meanwhile some past works just have been reissued in a Digipak CD including bonus tracks.
Fear No Evil” was a record taking a look to her roots (as front woman of Warlock) without denying any phases of Doro’s extensive career.

Just listen to the true ’80s arena anthem ‘Celebrate’, ‘The Night Of The Warlock’, the great ballads ‘Herzblut’ and ‘Walking With The Angels’ or aggressive tunes like ‘Caught In A Battle’ – the variety of “Fear No Evil” is impressive in every way. This is certainly one Doro’s best albums since the ’80s.

Indeed, all over the track list the album reflects a strong celebrative mood. The new collaboration with the American Joey Balin, who had produced the last Warlock album, were meant to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first LP released by Doro Pesch, Burning the Witches in 1984.

“The Night of the Warlock” kicks in right after a spoken intro, from whom I presume to be the eponymous Warlock himself, with a pounding march to sing along anthemic glory. It’s rocking stuff all round and a wonderfully brooding way to kick things off.
A heavy bass swagger opens track two and continues throughout, muscling its way right to the end of “Running from the Devil” with each instrument getting in on this attitude filled workout before its cocksure climax.

“Celebrate” is next, and a a favorite of this album. The chorus and backing vocals are massive, featuring many female metal singers that Doro had befriended during her many tours and festival attendances, including Floor Jansen (Nightwish), Angela Gassow (Arch Enemy), Liv Kristine (Leaves’ Eyes) and more. As said, true ’80s inspired tune.

Rolling right into “Caught in a Battle” adrenalin time has arrived, cranking up the speed, making it one of the most extreme tracks Doro has sung since the Hellbound album, fantastic. S
“Herzbult” catches a nice dynamic tempo shift the way classic Warlock ballads used to, and it end up been a perfect counterbalance to the storming opening tracks.

DORO - Fear No Evil [Digipak +2 reissue] (2018) back

The rest of the record keeps this equilibrium nicely, “Walking with the Angels” (duet with Tarja Turnen) may well be some of Doro’s best ballad ever, while “I Lay My Head upon My Sword” delivers a totally killer guitar lead and an emotionally charged vocal performance, making this an immediate entry into anybody’s best of Doro / Warlock playlist.

A very welcomed reissue of one of the best Doro albums, mixing ’80s feeling with modern metal / hard rock, including two bonus tracks.
Highly Recommended

You’ve seen all these first here, at 0dayrox

01 – The Night of the Warlock
02 – Running from the Devil
03 – Celebrate
04 – Caught in a Battle
05 – Herzblut
06 – On the Run
07 – Walking with the Angels [feat Tarja Turunen]
08 – I Lay My Head upon My Sword
09 – It Kills Me
10 – Long Lost for Love
11 – 25 Years
12 – Wildfire
13 – You Won My Love

Doro Pesch – vocals
Joe Taylor – guitars
Nick Douglas – bass
Johnny Dee – drums
Oliver Palotai, Luca Princiotta – keyboards, guitars
additional musicians;
Tarja Turunen – vocals on “Walking with the Angels”
Dennis Krueger – guitar
Chris Lietz – guitar, keyboards
Andreas Bruhn – guitars, bass
Klaus Vanscheidt – guitar, backing vocals
Torsten Sickert – keyboards, guitars, bass
Liv Kristine – backing vocals
Floor Jansen – backing vocals
Angela Gossow – backing vocals
Liv of Sister Sin – backing vocals


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