BANGALORE CHOIR – On Target [AOR Heaven remastered]

BANGALORE CHOIR - On Target [AOR Heaven remastered] full

Some time ago AOR Heaven Records reissued BANGALORE CHOIR‘s album “On Target“, remastered and with a slightly ‘refreshed’ artwork. This release has become hard to find now, and was requested by one of you.
What a great time for melodic hard rock music 1992 was… Danger Danger had just released their best work in ‘Screw It!’, Kiss returns from the ashes with the good ‘Revenge’, House Of Lords with maybe their best disc ‘Demons Down’, blasting new albums from Unruly Child, Fair Warning, Robin Beck… and the release of this underrated melodious hard rocker disc by BANGALORE CHOIR.

Unfortunately, “On Target” was released in 1992, at the dawn of the grunge movement – during a time where hard rock acts would soon be swept on the back burner.
The band featured amazing frontman David Reece which voice is a blend of late ’80s David Coverdale with Jeff Scott Soto, the great ex-Razormaid axeman Curt Mitchell and the tight rhythm section by Dan Greenberg and Derek Thomas whom actually recorded the album, although credited as ‘additional musicians’.
Production duties were shared by noted studio gurus Max Norman and James “Jimbo” Barton.

“Angel In Black” will grab your attention instantly. This Autograph unreleased track penned by Steve Plunkett was enhanced with the Bangalore’s uplifting rhythm, and somehow turned out to be surprisingly awesome.

BANGALORE CHOIR - On Target [AOR Heaven remastered] disc

“Loaded Gun” is the band’s MTV-hit track, a great melodic bliss commercial midtempo ala Damn Yankees with a late 80’s Whitesnake vibe, co-written with another expertise in this matter; Ricky Phillips (Bad English).

“If The Good Die Young” is really a wonderful power ballad, one of Bangalore Choir’s strongest tracks full of emotion. “Doin’ The Dance” (written by Jon Bon Jovi and Aldo Nova) is a bouncy rocker with great vocals, while the raucous “All Or Nothin’ ” sounds exactly like a Whitesnakes’ Slip Of The Tongue tune, with a sick guitar tone.
“Slippin’ Away” is one of their best tracks sounding like King Kobra including a great hook, then last track, “Just One Night” is also a melodious rock gem with an unbelievably majestic chorus.

BANGALORE CHOIR - On Target [AOR Heaven remastered] back

Bangalore Choir’s debut is a sanctuary for melodic ears, a killer collection of catchy commercial hard rock that would have made them legends in the Los Angeles music scene and beyond. All songs had hit potential written all over them and should have been played over rock radio endlessly.
This album was criminally overlooked at his time, so if “On Target” is still missing in your collection, then make sure you finally get it now, perfectly remastered by the skilled Martin Kronlund.
Highly Recommended

01. Angel In Black
02. Loaded Gun
03. If The Good Die Young (We’ll Live Forever)
04. Doin’ The Dance
05. Hold On To You
06. All Or Nothin’
07. Slippin’ Away
08. She Can’t Stop
09. Freight Train Rollin’
10. Just One Night

David Reece – vocals
Curt Mitchell – guitar and background vocals
John Kirk – guitar and background vocals
Ian Mayo – bass and background vocals
Jackie Ramos – drums and background vocals
Additional Musicians:
Dan Greenberg – bass
Derek Thomas – drums


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