SAGA – The Security Of Illusion [Digitally Remastered +3]

SAGA - The Security Of Illusion [Digitally Remastered +3] full

earMUSIC started an excellent SAGA remastered reissue series, covering all the band studio albums from 1989 – 2007. All twelve albums are enhanced by exclusive bonus tracks newly recorded 2015 – Of course they’ve been never released before.
The first batch includes one of my favorite SAGA albums ever, the awesome “The Security Of Illusion“.

The ninth studio album “The Security of Illusion” was originally released 1993 and marks the return of Jim Gilmour (keyboards) and Steve Negus (drums), who both had left the band in 1986. This new reunion definitely sparked new creativity into the band.

During the second half of the ’80s, Saga sound tourned more AOR, mainstream rock&pop. I love this period of the band, in which they created really catchy tunes.
Well, “The Security of Illusion” blends this Eighties flavor with a slightly more progressive, slightly harder sound that awakens vivid memories to Saga classic albums from the early ’80s. You have the best of both worlds here, and the result was spectacular.

SAGA - The Security Of Illusion [Digitally Remastered +3] inside

After the short intro ‘Entracte’, arrives the terrific “Mind Over Matter”, a guitar driven melodic rocker / AOR rocker which still has that characteristic, unmistakable Saga sound. This is one of the best tracks the genre has bring forth during the Nineties, no doubt about it.

You have more uptempo kickin’ songs in “Stand Up”, but the album doesn’t neglect a soft touch with the tender ballad “Alone Again Tonight” or “Voila!”, which is a nice classically-influences instrumental.

SAGA - The Security Of Illusion [Digitally Remastered +3] back

For this “The Security Of Illusion [Digitally Remastered +3]” the album was completely remastered (the sound is awesome, believe me) and there’s 3 bonus tracks.
Simply put; if you love Journey’s Trial By Fire / Raised On Radio albums (who doesn’t?), you NEED “The Security Of Illusion [2015 Edition Remastered +3]”.
One of my favorite albums from the Nineties now remastered in all its glory.
Cult classic for many, to me; A Must Have.

01 – Entracte (Instrumental)
02 – Mind Over Matter
03 – Once Is Never Enough
04 – Alone Again Tonight
05 – I’ll Leave It In Your Hands
06 – The Security of Illusion
07 – Stand Up
08 – Days Like These
09 – Voila! (Instrumental)
10 – No Man’s Land
11 – Without You
12 – The Security Of Illusion (Acoustic Version)
13 – Scratching the Surface (recorded 2015)
14 – Ice Nice (recorded 2015)

Michael Sadler – vocals
Ian Crichton – guitar
Jim Gilmour – keyboards
Jim Crichton – bass
Steve Negus – drums, percussion


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  1. Qlazarus says:

    Just did a huge reformatting of the discography section of Saga's Wikipedia page.. this is how it looked before:

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    Hoping to get my hands on all of these remasters..

    any chance you can re-up the link ? thanks~

  2. Qlazarus says:

    Got it. Thank you !

    Any chance you have the remasters of the other Saga albums from 1978-1987, besides World's Apart ?

    These guys are the best~~

  3. 0dayroxx says:

    These SAGA albums added to Request List. Stay tuned.

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