PANIC FIRE (Gary Schutt) – Evolve (2017)

PANIC FIRE (Gary Schutt) - Evolve (2017) full

PANIC FIRE is the next evolution of Gary Schutt’ music. Former Jeff Scott Soto guitarist, Gary has been a solo artist as well for over 20 years. His vast catalog of original music spans from pop to metal to melodic rock. His 12 solo albums have gained critical acclaim from international press and fans. Panic Fire is Gary Schutt’s new band – a power trio – and are presenting their debut album “Chrysalis”.
Before the completion of the Chrysalis CD, Gary decided to release this ‘preliminary’ album of Schutt ‘greatest hits’. It’s properly called “Evolve“, appeared at the end of 2017.

This way the band could continue to play Schutt’s older material live, and they would have two CD’s out at the same time. “Evolve” combines the best of the Gary Schutt Band original solo albums, alongside material he composed and recorded with other projects in mind.
While the music here is obviously guitar-driven, Gary proves himself to be a talented, multifaceted composer, arranger and producer as well. All are ‘songs’ with vocals, solid arrangements, powerful hooks and dynamic melodies you could ask for.

In addition, while there are some skilled guest musicians on a few tracks, Schutt performs every instrument on the release himself showing off his versatility and capability to master just about anything that is put before him.
It’s no wonder the laundry-list of talented artists Schutt has worked with reads almost like a “who’s who” of the melodic hard rock world.

There’s many really good songs here, such as ‘A Million Miles an Hour’, an edgy midtempo rocker that slaps you right in the face with its lusty, riff-driven melody accented by some precise guitar licks and fills
With its more harmonic-guitar sound, ‘Half A World Away’ has all the elements of a mid-to-late ’80s hard rocker featuring one of Schutt’s best guitar solos on the release.

PANIC FIRE (Gary Schutt) - Evolve (2017) inside

We have more modern numbers as the tight ‘Bitch (with a capital ‘C’)’, however everything in Schutt’s music revolves around melodic rock, like on the catchy ‘Good Enough’, or the intense ballad ‘Lost Soul Mate’.

Although Gary Schutt has had his share of success over the years, it still sometimes seems that he remains in the background of some of the more featured artists he has been involved with.
It’s about time he is brought more to the forefront with his talent and this new project Panic Fire may be the vehicle for it.
Highly Recommended

01 – Let Me Let You Go
02 – Nobody Special
03 – Down
04 – Drama Queen
05 – Fuel To The Fire
06 – Good Enough
07 – A Million Miles An Hour
08 – Half A World Away
09 – Bitch (With A Capital “C”)
10 – Night Terror
11 – Love Me For Me
12 – Until I See You Again
13 – Lost Soul Mate
14 – Die Another Love
15 – Tenfold

Gary Schutt – Lead Vocals, All instruments
Tracy Ferrell – Bass, Backing Vocals
Dan Martin – Drums, Backing Vocals
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