LOVE RAZER – Border City Rebels +3 (2018)

LOVE RAZER - Border City Rebels +3 (2018) full

Hailing from Canada, LOVE RAZER are a bunch of young guys entering the time machine back to 1987 with their full length debut CD “Border City Rebels“. Read the band name ‘Löve Razër’, pretty much resembling ‘Mötley Cruë’, right?
Well, comparison doesn’t end there, but Löve Razër are a honest, and darn good classic ’80s US sleazy-style band.

Once upon a time, many years ago there existed a magical place called the Sunset Strip. Throughout the Eighties, the “strip” was the epicenter of a long-gone era, when music was actually fun! Rock stars looked like rock stars, they partied like rock stars and they rocked the stages with presence and showmanship.
It was the decade of decadence and the golden age of party rock. Unfortunately, the denim and leather, the studs and spandex were to be replaced in a sea of plaid and sadness.

Fast forward the current decade and you’ll find many bands trying to revive that same feel and spirit and Löve Razër are one of them. This could be fun I thought, as their look is a blend of Mötley ’84 and Faster Pussycat ’87. I wanna hear this!
Right out of the gate and the band is off and running with ”Outlaw”, a great mix of early LA Guns and Guns N’ Roses via a super groove and a catchy chorus. Sydney Snow born to sing this stuff, and the rest of the guys are very competent.

There’s something in that cowbell that instantly gives song a punch and “Too Hot To Handle” is no exception. Again there’s a Slash inspired riff, but overall the song brings to mind early Skid Row with a welcomed tempo change in the end, nice detail.
”Venom” is 100% pure kick ass hard rocker, strong verse, great chorus and solo, some dead on vocals. A real head banger. “Lifeline” has got a bluesy crunchy intro and probably the heaviest riff on the album. Great melodic chorus accompanied with burnt out voice in style of Phil Lewis of LA Guns is exactly what is needed in rock ‘n’ roll.

In my humble opinion “Trip To Nowhere” is what Löve Razër is all about. Awesome riff, awesome melodic chorus… everything about this song is awesome. Very, very Skid Row at its finest.
“Stuck Under You” is the slowest moment here, but as the band has said, this is not typical ’80s power ballad. Starts acoustically in a FireHouse mold, but darn it explodes into a catchy melodic rocker.
“Partied Out Freak” finds the band picking backup the pace and cranking it to 10. Cool guitar intro and some killer gang choruses.

The album ends with “Toxic Tears”… Ahh man! The guys reserved the best for the end. This a very strong melodic hard rocker with a great midtempo pace and a real ’80s feel, very good instrumentation and varied arrangements. The solo kills as well and the overall sonics will rock you. This song alone work the album.

LOVE RAZER - Border City Rebels +3 (2018) inside

As extra we have Löve Razër debut EP from two years ago. “First Class Bitch” is pretty sleazy with a wet riff and gang choruses.
“All Time Sleaze” borrows heavily from other bands including Mötley Cruë and a few others. Whatever the case, the song rocks from start to finish with one scorching guitar solo. “Turn It Up” is based on a simple but killer guitar riff and highlighted by lots of background vocals throughout.

If you love throwback ’80s US sleazy hard rock in the vein of early Skid Row, Guns N’ Roses, etc, Löve Razër delivers in spades. It just feels like every band member is at the top of their game in this genre from Snow‘s raspy vocals to guitarist Micky Bonez‘s distinctive guitar tone to the fury of the backbeat from drummer Crissy Stixx and bassist Metal Mike.
Pretty impressive release from an indie act, Löve Razër are definitely a band to watch out for.
Highly Recommended

01 – Outlaw
02 – Too Hot to Handle
03 – Venom
04 – Lifeline
05 – Trip to Nowhere
06 – Stuck Under You
07 – Partied out Freak
08 – Toxic Tears
09 – First Class Bitch
10 – All Time Sleaze
11 – Turn It Up

Sydney Snow – Lead Vocals
Micky Bonez – Guitar
Metal Mike – Bass
Crissy Stixx – Drums


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