LITTLE RED KINGS – Callous +1 (2018)

LITTLE RED KINGS - Callous (2018) full

Callous” is the title of the new album by LITTLE RED KINGS, a British 5-piece hailing from Norwich which have been around since 2011.
This is the second album from the band and boy is it a belter! Little Red Kings have their roots in the bluesy British classic rock of Free and there are hints of The Black Crowes, the melodic pop rock sensibilities of Gun, even the commercial feel of The Answer on tracks such as ‘A Lovers Tragedy’.

The band have such a variety of songs on here from the guitar driven ‘Said to Me’ or the up and at ‘em chorus of ‘Josephine’ (an instant melodic hit on the ears), through to the laid back ‘Southern France’, Little Red Kings know their way around a good melody.
Jason Wick has that soulful singing style that can be silky smooth one minute, then off soaring into the stratosphere, ably demonstrated on ‘Rigor And Roll’, which also features a tasty guitar solo.

‘Chaperone’ builds nicely from the piano / keys intro to a catchy power-pop riff and a rock solid rhythm section. There’s great spacey keys midway through before the song kicks off again. One of the instant songs on the album and one that would sound good in a live setting.
Loving album closer ’1967′ a simple yet effective song with Jason Wick’s almost gospel like vocal coupled with a electric guitar.
Harry Wickha manages to sneak in a quick drum solo on ‘No Friend Of Mine’ processed with a flanger effect – not heard this kind of thing since Queen’s Roger Taylor on ‘The Game’ album.

LITTLE RED KINGS - Callous (2018) inside

At sixteen songs sometimes an album can seem perhaps too full, not so here bar maybe opener ‘Prelude’.
With the likes of Inglorious, The Temperance Movement, et all gaining traction and interest, Little Red Kings deserve their time in the limelight based on “Callous”.
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HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Prelude
02 – Said to Me
03 – Josephine
04 – Blacken
05 – No Friend of Mine
06 – Chaperone
07 – Meth Mouth Blues
08 – Prize of a Life
09 – Southern France
10 – A Lovers Tragedy
11 – Rigor and Roll
12 – Long Live the Quiet Man
13 – Patience (Losing Sleep)
14 – Propaganda Lie
15 – Till and Toil
16 – 1967
Bonus Track;
17 – Fetch Me Water

Jason Wick (vocals, guitar)
John Pallister (keys, vocals)
Harry Wickham (drums)
Dougie Archer (guitar)
Ben Beach (bass)



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