JOE LYNN TURNER – The Usual Suspects [Japan Edition +2 bonus] Out Of Print

JOE LYNN TURNER - The Usual Suspects [Japan Edition +2 bonus]  full

After the recent Sunstorm album, one of you asked for JOE LYNN TURNER‘s album “The Usual Suspects“, for me, alongside his solo ’85 debut, his finest album. This is the Japanese edition (now out of print) including an exclusive bonus track, and to make it more juicy, we have added the exclusive European bonus track as well.

Turner, apart from Rainbow and Deep Purple, has been part of many bands / projects, and recorded many albums with most of them. But Joe also has a solo career, or better said, albums released under his name. That’s meaning the last ‘JLT’ albums sound like a real band.
“The Usual Suspects” is, for me, the best Joe album as ‘JOE LYNN TURNER’ solo.

Originally released thirteen years ago, “The Usual Suspects” included the first AOR song of Turner in many years, after mostly recording hard rock / melodic hard.
From start to finish, Turner’s dominant and spine-tingling vocals succeed in capturing your attention while leaving you mesmerized and begging for more. Combine these vocals with an incredibly talented band – which includes guitarists Karl Cochran (Ace Frehley / VoodooLand) and especially the always amazing Al Pitrelli – who play on most tracks and his riffs are the other star of this CD.

There’s also bassist David Z (Joann Jett), Paul Morris (Rainbow, Doro) on keyboards and John O’Reilly (Trans Siberian Orchestra, Rainbow) behind the skins – and no doubt, you are getting an absolute killer band.
The album starts off with “Power of Love”… but this ain’t no Huey Lewis! It’s a rocking, melodic composition featuring a strong, catchy chorus and delicious riffs.
Other tracks like “Blood Money” and “Devil’s Door” continue on in this vein and are among the heavier tracks on the CD.

JOE LYNN TURNER - The Usual Suspects [Japan Edition +2 bonus] booklet

“Jacknife” is another great track and almost reminds me of the time Joe spent with Yngwie while “Ball & Chain” also has an awesome groove to it and gives Pitrelli his chance to shine.
“Really Loved” is a bit slower, moodier and more soulful flashing back to Turner’s Rainbow era.

Then you have “Rest Of My Life”, what a wonderful AOR tune where we can hear again Turner’s smoothness, that sweet whisper that only him is capable to perform. A favorite.
What you can expect from a song titled “Into The Fire”… ? a melodic rocker inspired by the ’80s.
“All Alone” blends some really nice guitar fills with a captivating chorus while “Live And Love Again” is an excellent power ballad highlighting some very good keyboard melodies and rounds off the regular release.

There’s a rare ‘deluxe edition’ of this album including as extras the Japanese & European bonus tracks of this album. Well, this is the Japanese, but we added the Euro bonus as well.
Both are great, not fillers at all, a bit harder but still maintain the melodic essence that Turner is famous for.
With its pulsing rhythms, both “Unfinished Bizness” and “What Can I Do” are comparable to something on the lines of Deep Purple’s ‘Slaves & Maters’… of course featuring Joe Lynn Turner.

JOE LYNN TURNER - The Usual Suspects [Japan Edition +2 bonus] back

Easily among the best melodic rock / AOR albums appeared during the last decade, “The Usual Suspects” is fantastic. Joe Lynn Turner never has released a bad album, and this one is for me the best under his own full name.
Taken from my personal collection.
A Must

01 – Power Of Love
02 – Devil’s Door
03 – Jacknife
04 – Really Loved
05 – Rest Of My Life
06 – Into The Fire
07 – Blood Money
08 – All Alone
09 – Ball And Chain
10 – Life And Love Again
11 – What Can I Do (Japan Bonus Track)
12 – Unfinished Bizness (European Bonus Track)

Joe Lynn Turner: Lead vocals
Al Pitrelli: Guitars
Karl Cochran: Guitars
David Z: Bass
John O’Reilly: Drums
Paul Morris: Keyboards
Andy Burton: Keyboards on 11
Nancy Bender: Backing vocals

Out Of Print:

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