JOE LYNN TURNER – Second Hand Life [Deluxe Edition +3] Out Of Print

JOE LYNN TURNER - Second Hand Life [Deluxe Edition +3] Out Of Print

After the recent Sunstorm album, one of you asked for a couple of JOE LYNN TURNER solo albums, one of them this rare, hard to find, out of print US release by Friday Music, of “Second Hand Life / Deluxe Edition +3”, Turner’s last solo album of original material.

“Second Hand Life” is another strong album from JLT, featuring co-writing credits with Survivor / Pride Of Lions’ Jim Peterik, ’80s AOR cult icon Martin Briley, and talented Jack Ponti, among others.
He also managed to include a track that he co-wrote with Ritchie Blackmore, Jim Peterik and Roger Glover entitled “Stroke of Midnight”.

I would describe this album as a hybrid between Joe’s superb previous solo ‘The Usual Suspects’ and the first Sunstorm album, recorded and released at the same time period.
In typical Joe Lynn Turner fashion, the opening track “Your Love Is Life” jets through your speakers like rush of adrenaline. With its powerful, melodic chorus, strong and upbeat rhythm and a tasty guitar solo, the CD couldn’t start off any better. This is plain and simple… a perfect track. The melody and chorus actually reminds me a lot of something off a more modern-day Journey album.

Then you have an edgy song called “Got Me Where You Want Me.” Another solid track a tad more on the bluesier side which seems, like so many other Joe Lynn Turner works through out the years, a bit influenced by his stint in Rainbow.
Title track “Second Hand Life,” is another great AOR anthem and sports yet another tremendous guitar solo by Cochran.

“In Your Eyes” is not only one of Joe Lynn Turner’s best ballads ever, but one of the best I have heard in a long time. Joe really showcases his incredible voice and provides an amazing vocal performance filled with all the heart and emotion he could muster. This accompanied by the soulful rhythms of Cochran’s guitar produces an absolute classic.
This is top AOR, and the best song on the CD.

With its heavier keyboard and matching guitar riff, “Stroke of Midnight” again hits home having that mid-to-late 80’s hard rock sound to it.
And why shouldn’t it? It was originally written for Deep Purple after all.

JOE LYNN TURNER - Second Hand Life [Deluxe Edition +3] booklet

This “Second Hand Life / Deluxe Edition +3” includes 3 extra songs; the original European bonus track “Two Lights”, the Japanese bonus “Off The Hook” [original Japan Bonus Track], and the rare B-side “Freedom’s Wings” from an EP only appeared in Asia.
Quality album, and a collector’s edition.

01 – Your Love Is Life
02 – Got Me Where You Want Me
03 – Second Hand Life
04 – In Your Eyes
05 – Blood Red Sky
06 – Stroke Of Midnight
07 – Off The Hook [original Japan Bonus Track]
08 – Over The Top
09 – Cruel
10 – Sweet Obsession
11 – Love Is On Our Side
12 – Two Lights [original European Bonus Track]
13 – Freedom’s Wings [B-side – Exclusive Bonus Track]

Joe Lynn Turner: Vocals
Karl Cochran: Guitars, Bass
Bob Held – Bass
Gary Corbett – Keyboards
Michael Cartellone (Damn Yankees) – Drums

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