GIANT – Last Of The Runaways [Bad Reputation remaster +4 bonus tracks]

GIANT - Last Of The Runaways [Bad Reputation remaster +4 bonus tracks] full

For those who didn’t know, French reissue label Bad Reputation previously operated under the name AxeKiller, one of the pioneer in the remaster/reissue game. We have been presenting of of their stupendous ‘Collector Series / Remastered with Bonus’, and today it’s the time for one of the greatest Melodic Hard Rock albums in history: GIANT‘s debut “Last Of The Runaways +4 bonus tracks“, as far I know, the only remastered version available of this terrific album.

Founded by session master Dann Huff, Giant’s origins featured the who who’s from the melodic hard rock / AOR scene into the line-up, until the band finally got a record deal comprising these ‘cats’: Dann’s brother David (White Heart, David and the Giants, etc.) on drums, bassist Mike Brignardello (Van Zant, Mitch Malloy) and Alan Pasqua (Eddie Money, Van Stephenson, Rick Springfield, Stan Bush, etc.) on keyboards.
Driven by Dann’s melodic quality and outstanding vocals and riffs, “Last Of The Runaways” is pure 1989 AOR / MR: pristine production and sound design.

The CD makes a clear statement right from the first tune – “I’m a Believer” is a killer rocker with one of the most chilling, hair-raising guitar intros in the genre’s history. What follows next is a beautiful, well-balanced selection of arena rock tunes, perfectly demonstrating the artistic skills and qualities of Giant.
“Innocent Days”, “Can’t Get Close Enough” and “No Way Out” are just a few of the fantastic, uber-melodious gems on this album.

GIANT - Last Of The Runaways [Bad Reputation remaster +4 bonus tracks] disc

“Last of the Runaways” gives us as well three of the greatest power ballads ever written; “Love Welcome Home”, “It Takes Two” and of course their most commercially successful song, “I’ll See You in My Dreams”.
These are pure class and genius; while highly commercial and radiable, these ballads still have nerve and meaty instrumentation. To die for stuff.

If you are reading this blog, you’re already an experienced rocker and have listened “Last Of The Runaways” at least once. If you are younger or new to this type of timeless music, both of you, MUST have this remastered reissue o Giant’s “Last Of The Runaways +4 bonus tracks”.
You have some bonus tracks – great live recordeding plus a single version – but the real deal here is to have this gem of an album fully remastered.

GIANT - Last Of The Runaways [Bad Reputation remaster +4 bonus tracks] back

Many may argue that the album already sounded good in its original release: indeed, it was marvelously produced and my 1989 CD sounds very good.
However this Bad Reputation remaster adds more depth, a little more punch and cleaned ‘tape hiss’ here and there.
It was 1989, it was the golden year for Melodic Hard Rock / AOR polished productions, it has some of the best musicians from the genre ever… do you need more reasons?
Giant’s “Last Of The Runaways +4 bonus tracks” is a MANDATORY piece in your collection.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – I’m A Believer
02 – Innocent Days
03 – I Can’t Get Close Enough
04 – I’ll See You In My Dreams
05 – No Way Out
06 – Shake Me Up
07 – It Takes Two
08 – Stranger To Me
09 – Hold Back The Night
10 – Love Welcome Home
11 – The Big Pitch
12 – It Takes Two (live)
13 – I Can’t Get Close Enough (live)
14 – Shake Me Up (live)
15 – I’m A Believer (edit version)

Dann Huff – lead vocals and guitars
Mike Brignardello – bass and vocals
David Huff – drums and vocals
Alan Pasqua – keyboards and vocals
Terry Thomas – background vocals
Peter Howarth – background vocals
Lea Hart – background vocals


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