ANGELES – Test Of Time (2018)

ANGELES - Test Of Time (2018) full
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Test Of Time” is the new album by veteran hard rockers ANGELES, one of the most long-lasting indie US rock bands out there. These guys recorded 4 albums, played countless gigs and shared stages with the greats.

All-original rock band ANGELES first started playing Hollywood, CA in the early ’80s and has shared the stage with legends such as Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, Gun’s N’ Roses, Ratt, Ronnie James Dio, Bon Jovi, Michael Schenker, Dokken, just to name few. The band has played live extensively and hit quite a few milestones.

Angeles received their first Platinum record award in 2014 with their debut “We’re No Angles” (originally released in 1984) that has been played on nationwide radio stations, and play an Annual benefit show Thunder on the lot for children’s charity.
In 2016 Angeles released their “Crazy” CD featuring their single “God Country and King” with over 1 million views on Vevo.
Indie band, but with a strong following.

Listening to “Test Of Time”, it’s like 1987 again. They still play the Californian clubs circuit, even The Whikey A Go Go. Angeles perform with heart and refuse to give up their love of music. This is melodic glammy hard rock, with some hair metal on it.

ANGELES - Test Of Time (2018) back

From the start with ‘Not Here to Play’ there’s a feel good vibe, this being this an uptempo rocker with some Twisted Sister influences. There’s a solid rhythm section with defined bass / drums, fine vocals and cool guitar riffs.

‘Hollywood’ sounds like a Motley Crue circa Dr. Feelgood, ‘Chivalry’ adds some heaviness with raw vocals and darker rhythm, then ‘Goodbye’ is a pure melodic hard rocker with a semi-ballad tempo so common in 1988.
‘Trouble’ returns to uptempo hard rock with its little Keel riffs, ‘We’re No Angels’ adds a bit of sleazy, ‘Nothing Left to Gain’ a bluesy atmosphere akin Cinderella, and ‘Here We Go Again’ (not a Whitesnake cover) is a cool rocker.
‘Lonely Road’ is an acoustic (with electrics) fine number, not a ballad, but a dusty rocker with nice raspy vocals.

ANGELES - Test Of Time (2018) inside

Angeles still live like if the ’80s never ended. They use leather jackets, wigs, wasted boots and play the music they love without a record label interference.
“Test Of Time” is effective, entertaining and very well recorded / produced for an indie. It’s classic US glammy hard rock / melodic hard rock with a bit a sleazy, made 2018 but with the feel & sound of the era.
Note there’s a digital version flating around, with cuts and noises. This is the real CD version.
Highly Recommended

01 – Not Here to Play
02 – Hollywood
03 – Chivalry
04 – Goodbye
05 – Trouble
06 – We’re No Angels
07 – Nothing Left to Gain
08 – Lonely Road
09 – Here We Go Again
10 – Deliver the Goods
11 – Little Bit Faster (Remix)

Vince Thriil – Vocals
Dale Lytle – Guitar
Cal Shelton – Bass
Danny Basulto – Drums


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