7th HEAVEN – Color In Motion (2018)

7th HEAVEN - Color In Motion (2018) full

Just ready for the summer, US feel-good song makers 7th HEAVEN are back with a new album, “Color In Motion” another sweet 10-collection of melodic songs ready for the party plenty of timeless melodies.

Always commanded by Richard Hofherr, the band musically flirting with melodic rock, power pop, classic rock and a sound akin a mix of the ’80s / ’90s, since the previous album they go decidedly poppy, easy to the ears with all songs around the 3 minute mark.
Opener ‘This Is Where The Party’s At’ says it all with its title, more anthemic choruses come with ‘Wonderful World’, then ‘Say It Already’ is midtempo melodic rock with 7th Heaven’s seal.

One of my favorite tracks from this new album is ‘I See You Smile’, a midtempo melodic rocker with a bit of Def Leppard’s Hysteria on it, and the uptempo ‘Happy Now’, where the guitar gets more presence than other songs here.
More catchy numbers arrive with the multi-part harmonies of ‘Better Luck Next Time’, and the quite European sounding ‘Make You Love Me’. ‘Closest Thing’ is a very nice ballad with acoustics and sweet vocals.

Being one of the hardest working bands in the world which averages 100 shows per year, 7th Heaven sounds and feels like a immaculate oiled machine. “Color In Motion” is a perfect example that a completely self-managed band can produce a top notch product, from songwriting to production sound quality.
Perhaps we would ask Hofherr & co more elaborared songs – they are capable to do it for sure – but this is what the band wants to create now: sing along poppy melodic rockers ready for the summer. And it works.
Highly Recommended

01 – This Is Where The Party’s At
02 – Wonderful World
03 – Say It Already
04 – Time And Again
05 – Better Luck Next Time
06 – I See You Smile
07 – Make You Love Me
08 – Happy Now
09 – Picking Up The Pieces
10 – Closest Thing

Adam Blair Heisler (Lead Vocals)
Richard Hofherr (Lead Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals)
Nick Cox (Guitars / Vocals)
Mark Kennetz (Bass / Vocals)
Mike Mooshey (Drums)


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