VOICES OF EXTREME – Mach III Complete (2018)

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Mach III Complete” is the just released new album from New York based VOICES OF EXTREME, their third CD but the first for British label Z Records.
The band have been around for more than fifteen years now delivering their varied blend of ’80s inspired traditional hard rock, and I can see why they have been chosen as tour support act for many well known names such as Tesla, Dee Snider, Geoff Tate and more.

Voices Of Extreme is the creation of singer songwriter Don Chaffin, a talented musician who has worked with many established acts, among them Ram Jam, the band made famous by the hit song ‘Black Betty’.
It’s a shame that Voices Of Extreme is relatively unknown, even with John Macaluso (TNT), Dan Spitz (Anthrax) and Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden) attaching their names to the band at different points in time.
But this is about to change now judging the quality on offer in “Mach III Complete”.

Now reduced to power trio – now including drummer Bobby Marks from the really good rockers Arabia – Voices Of Extreme is all about classic hard rock with bluesy overtones and an overall Seventies / Eighties feel.
Chaffin’s striking and diverse vocals are the highlight of this band, along with excellent guitar work plus of course Marks’ colorful drum patterns, makes for enticing listening.

Despite of opening with modern ‘Martyr’, which confirms Voices Of Extreme’s welcomed diversity, the rest of the album continues with classic sounding rockers, like second track ‘Lay Me Down’, a hot bluesy number with intricate guitar work and some kind of Y&T feeling.
‘Call My Name’ adds a catchy funky shuffle in The Winery Dogs vein, while ‘Foolish Beat’ is a fun rocker channeling Dave King’s fronted Fastway era.

‘Landslide’ is heavier with a bit of Lynch Mob on it, a highlight, then ‘Lovers and Losers’ brings to mind the ‘Americanized’ The Cult years.
You get what “Mach III Complete” is all about right? Classic stuff with tight musicinashipand timelss riffs.

VOICES OF EXTREME - Mach III Complete (2018) back

The rest are quality numbers, varied as well, being ‘Apocalypse’ the more melodic hard rock oriented from the bunch with Mr. Big touches as well as the acoustically performed ‘More Than Anything’.
I find midtempo ‘Unbroken’ akin British rockers Thunder, and this ‘Mach III Complete’ version of the album includes the band’s cover of Ram Jam’s classic ‘Black Betty’ done hot n’ rockin’.

Consistency is one of the key ingredients that makes “Mach III Complete” so good.
Voices Of Extreme have done a wonderful job with their third album, as it’s an intriguing mixture of rocking / ballsy new and classic older styles. If you put this CD on and the beat doesn’t make you move then a hearing test may be in order.
This is an extremely impressive recording, varied, very well produced and with stupendous musicianship.
Don’t miss these guys.
Highly Recommended

01. Martyr
02. Lay Me Down
03. Call My Name
04. Foolish Beat
05. Girl Gone Crazy
06. Landslide
07. Lovers and Losers
08. Apocalypse
09. Unbroken
10. Black Betty 2018
11. More Than Anything
12. Give Me Your Love

Don Chaffin – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Bobby Marks – Drums / Percussion
Charlie Torres – Bass


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