SNAKE EYES SEVEN – Medicine Man (2018)

SNAKE EYES SEVEN - Medicine Man (2018) full

Canadian rockers SNAKE EYES SEVEN return with their third album, “Medicine Man“, a traditional metal influenced record plenty of melody that will make you want more than just these nine songs.
The classic metal qualities of Snake Eyes Seven still remain evident but now vocalist Danny Deane has the pure talent to deliver strong and powerful vocals with warm melodies which turn the whole new disc much more ‘accessible’.

It’s hard to exactly pinpoint Snake Eyes Seven sound. There’s a definite NWOBHM touch, some Eighties Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, a bit of Purple, some early Def Leppard as well.
Tracks like “Can You Hear Me Calling” are crafted with an almost Deep Purple-like groove to it. A great song that you could hear being played on classic rock radio.
Also ‘SOB’, my personal favorite, should immediately remind you of a Deep Purple song, with Deane almost sounding like the legendary Ian Gillian if you listen closely. It’s a real good traditional melodic hard rocker.

Titke track ‘Medicine Man’ is heavier and has Deane channeling his inner Rob Halford, another killer track, one that will be sure to please in a live setting. The speediest track of the album, ‘The Kill’, is one of the highlights of this release, full on guitar attack metal juggernaut and should please just about anyone with an appetite for air-drumming.
‘What About Peace’ is another heavy, crunchy guitar song that will grow on you instantly.

On tracks like ‘Angel Of Death” and ‘Speaking Ill Of The Dead’, the band has made some attempts and distancing itself from traditional song structures, and it’s a welcomed thing.
Bringing the album to a close another high note appears with “Goodbye Ronnie”, a tribute to Ronnie James Dio… we all miss RJD and it’s a great tribute to this metal legend.

They say only Europe nowadays can deliver real good metal / hard rock bands. Well, Canada have a strong one in Snake Eyes Seven and I’m sure glad they are sharing their music with the world.
“Medicine Man” is really well produced, creatively leaning Classic Metal album that will find a good home with most traditional fans.
Strongly Recommended

01 – Speaking Ill of the Dead
02 – Can You Hear Me Calling
03 – Medicine Man
04 – The Kill
05 – The Critic
06 – Angel of Death
07 – SOB
08 – What About Peace
09 – Goodbye Ronnie

Danny Deane – Vocals
Cam Macleod – Guitar
Mike Cillis – Bass
Erik Young – Drumms


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