MARK SPIRO – Care Of My Soul vol. 2 [plus 4 unreleased bonus] (2017)

MARK SPIRO - Care Of My Soul vol. 2 [plus 4 unreleased bonus] (2017) full

MARK SPIRO is perhaps one of the most gifted songwriters and performers on the AOR / Melodic Rock circuit from the last 35 years. His name is often named in the same breath as the likes of Desmond Child or Diane Warren. Most people have known him only has a songwriter, a talented such.
Heart, Bad English, Lita Ford, John Waite, House Of Lords, Giant (where he actually where meant to be lead vocalist) are just some of the artists that has been blessed with his compositions.

His first ‘American’ solo album (Mark recorded his debut in Germany in the mid-Eighties) “Care Of My Soul”, was a beautiful compendium of his sensibility writing fabulous melodies.
But several years later Spiro released this “Care Of My Soul Vol.2“, the sequel, including all new compositions, recently re-printed in Sweden.

Despite some musical divergence, a key ingredient associated with the above impressive list of songwriting contributions would be that their music is typically drenched in memorable melodic material which clearly translates over to Spiro’s discography.

Needless to say “Care Of My Soul Vol.2” is classic Spiro solo material which starts off in grand style courtesy of the immediately gratifying opening song “A Beautiful Mistake”. A closer look at the lyrical content and you will see a very emotionally naked autobiography of an artist who has given up a lot of his own material for the sake of other artists.

The album continues to flow effortlessly with the equally impressive follow up track “Get Into The Going” which is another hook laden Spiro composition. It is a great soundtrack for you to just get in the car and flee the city for the open roads with your windows rolled down with this track blaring.
Similar musical attributes can be found on “Starlight” and “Up In Flames”.

But not everything is upbeat with Mark more than capable of slowing it down and being a tad more reflective. The melancholy but never dreary mid tempo “Miss Her Everywhere” is a great counter moment.
The melancholy is evanescent on the verses of “Singing You Back To Me” which is countered by a powerful chorus reminding you that Mark Spiro is a way overlooked solo artist.

With only two tracks that are given co-credits, Mark Spiro once again composes, produces and performs the entire “Care Of My Soul Vol.2”. It is probably his most eclectic material since his debut solo album thus probably the driver for the title of the album.
With the focus and spotlight being Mark Spiro the artist versus Mark Spiro the accommodating songwriter for others, “Care Of My Soul Vol.2” is lyrically intense and probably his most impressive recording to date.

MARK SPIRO - Care Of My Soul vol. 2 [plus 4 unreleased bonus] (2017) back

In exclusive, we are featuring here as bonus tracks 4 songs from the same recording sessions, material never put on sale that were shortly available for fans only.
Collectors stuff, only at 0dayrox.

01 – A Beautiful Mistake
02 – Get Into The Going
03 – Love Don’t Come Around Here
04 – Starlight
05 – Miss Her Everywhere
06 – Singing You Back To Me
07 – Paper Dragons
08 – Up In Flames
09 – My Greatest Goodbye
10 – Everything Is On It’s Way
11 – Say Your Prayers
12 – That’s What He Does [Fan Club only]
13 – Man In The House On The Hill [Fan Club only]
14 – Wheels May Rust [Fan Club only]
15 – Had A Big Brother In Vietnam [Fan Club only]

Mark Spiro: Vocals, all instruments


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2 Responses

  1. DEEMON says:

    I think the two volumes has many samples and use of electronic drums that makes tiresome hearing. Great vocals and beautiful melodies, only that. Good albums to sleep!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think Mark is amazing but I wish he didn't use vocal processing on his latest releases.

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