LOVE AFFAIR – DoYaWanna [Remastered / First Time on CD]

LOVE AFFAIR - DoYaWanna [Remastered / First Time on CD] full

Requested by one of you, here’s the two really good albums by American rockers LOVE AFFAIR, for the first time appeared on CD. “DoYaWanna” is the Cleveland’s group second LP, where they used on the cover the band name shortened to “L.A.”, a wink to the Californian rock scene as the music slightly changed on this second effort in favor to a more melodic, catchy choruses.

The first album was on more of 140 stations around the US. With all of the momentum of a debut release, Love Affair was well on its way to becoming the “next big thing.” Aside from great reviews on various national magazines such as Tiger Beat, 16 Magazine and Teen Beat were hailing the young lions of Love Affair as future Rock stars.
However, even as fate was smiling on them, other forces were conspiring to prevent the quintet from achieving continued success.

While the group was busy doing all of the obligatory professional gigs in the Midwest, they had put their fate in the hands of others and would soon discover that they were no longer in control of their own destiny.
So, while the guys were playing to sold-out venues in Ohio and doing radio broadcasts wherever they went, the music business machinery they were now connected to was beginning to decide what their next move would be.

LOVE AFFAIR - DoYaWanna [Remastered / First Time on CD] BOOKLET

While still promoting the debut LP (released June, 1980), Love Affair were asked by their record label Radio Records to do pre-production for the second album next January and record it in February. The band hadn’t even thought about the next album because they were so busy.
Forced to prepare material for their sophomore effort, pressure was beginning to build.

When “DoYaWanna” was released in May 1981, Love Affair kicked off its release with a concert simulcast from The Cleveland Agora and broadcast on WMMS. Sadly, the recording label didn’t promoted the album at all.
Strangely enough, the overall popularity of the band as a live act continued to grow. The songs from DoYaWanna” went over great live and their touring base was broadened with two LP’s under their belts.

LOVE AFFAIR - DoYaWanna [Remastered / First Time on CD] back

On “DoYaWanna”, Love Affair still retain its rocking approach, just much more commercial and radio ready. There’s a pumpy energy on ‘The Reaper’, Queen-like multi-part harmonies in ‘Runaround’, and some REO Speedwagon in the ballad ‘I Need You So’.
Title track ‘Doyawanna (Make Love)’ has lots of swagger, while ‘Do You Really Mean It’ is classy US melodic rock from the first half of the ’80s.

During the early 80s a handful of bands dominated the Ohio rock scene, namely Michael Stanley Band, The Godz , Easy Street Band, Rosie and Love Affair.
This Love Affair second LP is more ‘wimpy’, easy to the ears, melodic and poppy radio friendly at times, very well produced with a clean sound.
As with Love Affair’s debut, this “DoYaWanna” remastered reissue is quite hard to find.

01 – The Reaper
02 – Runaround
03 – I Need You So
04 – Angel By Day, Devil By Night
05 – Doyawanna (Make Love)
06 – W-O-M-A-N
07 – Do You Really Mean It
08 – Don’t Hurry Love
09 – Too Many Hearts
10 – Easy Come, Easy Go

Rich Spina – lead vocals, keyboards
John Zdravecky – guitars, supporting vocals
Wes Coolbaugh – guitars, supporting vocals
Wayne Cukras – bass, supporting vocals
Michael Hudak – drums, supporting vocals


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