JIZZY PEARL of Love/Hate – All You Need Is Soul [Japanese Edition +1] (2018)

JIZZY PEARL of Love/Hate - All You Need Is Soul [Japanese Edition +1] (2018) full

Love/Hate frontman and former L.A. Guns, Ratt and Quiet Riot singer JIZZY PEARL is back with a solo album titled “All You Need Is Soul“, set to be released via Frontiers Music May 11, 2018. This Japanese Edition will hit the stores tomorrow, with the usual bonus track.

Jizzy Pearl’s “All You Need Is Soul” is 4th in line under his solo releases and the first for Frontier Records. The CD features fairly diverse tracks averaging three minutes in length with the longest track, “When The Devil Comes,” bringing it home at six and a half minutes long to some of the most Southern-style, bluesy Hard Rock the album carries.
Pearl is the light of day when it comes to standing out among the songs, yet some of the guitar solo work of Darren Housholder – a virtuoso from the ’90s instrumental school – is truly superb, such as the title-track and the rocking “Mr. Jimmy”.

“Coming Home To The Bone” is essentially ludicrous in its lyrics, but fun nonetheless, while “High For An Eye” is not only a brilliant song, but moreover a brilliant Jizzy Pearl song. Only he could rhyme like this.
But the album is also a vehicle for a fine band. As well as Householder the rest get their moments in the sun. Session drummer extraordinaire Dave Moreno beats the kit to within an inch on “Mortified” while there is a mean bass line on “Frustrated” – a track that melds early Motley and Ratt and comes out with something new – courtesy of Mark Dutton (both he and Moreno were the rhythm section on Pearl’s “Just A Boy” solo album too).

As another catchy tune with bluesy overtones, the track “You Don’t Know What It’s Like” plays out as a good, modern relatable movement that blends nicely into the somber break-up ballad-type tale found with “It Doesn’t Matter.”
As if to emphasize the point that it’s 2018 and not 1988, “Little Treasures” ushers itself in on a wave of guitar, and has a strange, almost psychedelic tinge to the harmonies.
After the energetic aforementioned “Mr. Jimmy”, in this Japanese Edition we find as bonus “You Don’t Know What It’s Like (Acoustic)”, with a lively atmosphere.

For those that lived through the late ’80s and early ’90s immersed in the Sunset Strip life and somehow missed out on a Jizzy Pearl encounter, it is not too late to familiarize yourself with his whole catalog as there is sure to be a sparked interest along the way.
“All You Need Is Soul” is a welcomed and refreshing addition to the works of Jizzy Pearl and speaks to a modern audience with energetic promise. To see a man of sixty-years keep to his hard rocking roots and defy aging should be a motivator to all those in the craft.
Strongly Recommended

01 – You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone
02 – Comin’ Home To The Bone
03 – High For An Eye
04 – All You Need Is Soul
05 – House Of Sin
06 – Mortified
07 – Frustrated
08 – When The Devil Comes
09 – You Don’t Know What It’s Like
10 – It Doesn’t Matter
11 – Little Treasures
12 – Mr Jimmy
Japan Bonus Track:
13 – You Don’t Know What It’s Like (Acoustic)


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