EARTH FOR SALE – Reset [Japan Edition] (2018)

EARTH FOR SALE - Reset [Japan Edition] (2018) full

New Italian AOR / melodious hard rock band EARTH FOR SALE are releasing their debut CD “Reset“, for the moment, in Japan only. The band features experienced keyboard player Stefano Bruca (Zaneta / Eva) and female singer Silvia Reale, a real find for the genre.

Founded in Milan in 2014, after a few months of studio rehearsal the band started working on the debut album, mixing several different music styles from melodic rock and AOR to modern classic rock with some poppy melodies.
The overall sound in “Reset” is clearly inspired by the ’80s, with clean instrumentation aand a polished production.

The band is brave opening with title track, one of the best on the album, but the ‘less commercial’, an AORish tune similar in style to TOTO’s most elaborated songs. But since track 2 ‘Wild is My Heart’ this album is a pure Eighties melodic bliss with soaring melodies. This track has strong guitars, nice keys and Reale’s powerful vocals reminiscent of a young Robin Beck.
‘Life’ is feel-good melodic rock plenty of hooks akin Saraya, followed by the solid first ballad ‘Psyco Love’.

I don’t know why but ‘Alive’ brings to my mind a demo song recorded by Mark (later Marcie) Free during the ’80s, ‘One Light Year’ adds more poppy AOR to its pretty killer chorus, while ‘Tango’ is a very elegant midtempo with clean guitars and soaring vocals (remember Wild Blue and their album No More Jinx?).
‘Guinever’ is harder, melodic rock with some bite, then ‘Sky’s Falling Down’ has again a clear ’80s scent with a bit of early Femme Fatale.

EARTH FOR SALE - Reset [Japan Edition] (2018) inside

Another fine AORish tune arrives with ‘Amnesia (Days Steal by)’, an atmospheric semi-ballad with really well worked verses and a strong chorus.

Earth For Sale has created a really enjoyable debut in ‘Reset’, a trip back to ’80s when melody ruled and the elegant, pristine production let you listen to all instruments clearly.
Stefano Bruca’s experience is noteworthy all over the record, very well arranged & mixed, while Silvia Reale’s pipes are a real find. This woman soars, and when needed, applies power and strength.
Highly Recommended

01 – Reset
02 – Wild is My Heart
03 – Life
04 – Psyco Love
05 – Alive
06 – One Light Year
07 – Tango
08 – Guinever
09 – Sky’s Falling Down
10 – Amnesia (Days Steal by)
11 – The Night When You Love Me

Silvla Reale – vocals
Marco Vecchio – guitars
Stefano “Steff” Brusa – keyboards
Stefano Cavalloni – bass
Giovanni Massari, Fabio Mastellaro – drums


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