WILDNITE – Wildnite (2018)

WILDNITE - Wildnite (2018) full

We have been presenting here some advanced singles from young Norwegian rockers WILDNITE, released while the band were recording their full length debut. Time has come this April 13, the band’s self-titled “Wildnite” is in the stores.
The cool thing is that all members of Wildnite are around their 20’s, very young musicians playing ’80s hard rock / glam metal in 2018.

The young quintet has been working immensely hard the last 2 years and established a constantly growing fanbase, by winning the final of major band competition: Norway Emergenza, and playing a loads of shows with Quireboys, Electric Boys, NiteRain, etc, and soon with Ammunition all over Scandinavia.
“Wildnite” – the album, but in fact, the band itself – are all about 1986/89 American glam metal: Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, Ratt, etc.

Fortunately Wildnite know how to vary their material and add some dynamics to their music: ‘I’ll Be There’ is bluesy and bouncy, ‘Tears ‘n Fire’ (one of my favorites) has some Paul Sabu 1985 melodic rock feel, there’s more straight guitars on ‘Rippin’ It Up’ (akin KIX or Bulletboys), and of course, we have a ‘true’ power ballad in ‘I Remember You’.

‘Dr. Pain’ is heavier adding more variation, ‘Rock on the Radio’ says it all with its title and a slightly poppy chorus, some sleazy comes with ‘Rock It’ (including lots of cowbell), and there’s an ‘acoustic hair metal exercise’ in ‘Days of No Trust’.

WILDNITE - Wildnite (2018) inside

The greatest thing with “Wildnite” is to hear such young musicians playing this kind of glammy hard rock with such passion. It’s not all lost with the new generation – read current plastic mainstream music – and Wildnite goes even further keeping the classic 80s hair metal flame alive.
There’s a lot of cliches and some guitar solos could be better, but nothing more to complain here: strong and varied songwriting for this genre, lead vocals are good, there’s tons of catchy choruses and a fine production to make these songs shine.
This is the kind of records that put a big smile on your face, very entertaining and really ‘cool ‘n fun’.
Highly Recommended

01 – I’ll Be There
02 – Tears ‘n Fire
03 – Rippin’ It Up
04 – I Remember You
05 – Dr. Pain
06 – Into Your Eyes (2018 Version)
07 – Rock on the Radio
08 – Nitetime
09 – Back on the Bottle
10 – Rock It
11 – Days of No Trust
12 – Back for More

Sigurd Østerbø Søbye (Jizz)
Michael Bjerkan (Magic Mick)
Marius Tangen (Nikki Starr)
Glenn Erik Sandbekkbråten (Eric Rotz)
Karl Fredrik Knutsmoen (Kailey Deville)


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