THE PAT McMANUS BAND – Tattooed In Blue (2018)

THE PAT McMANUS BAND - Tattooed In Blue (2018) full

The PAT McMANUS BAND is led by Irish rock guitar icon Pat McManus, mentor of the legendary ’80s – ’90s hard rock band MAMA’S BOYS. From more than fifteen years or so, the band has been touring all over Europe and releasing a bunch of strong albums. “Tattooed In Blue” is the just appeared new effort, and as it title makes clear, this is all about classic rock with a strong bluesy foundation.

Pat McManus is a fighter, proving his stamina and resolve have not been shaken over the duration of what has been a tough uphill career.
Despite supporting and touring with Cheryl Crow, Bon Jovi and Ratt amongst a plethora of other artists and bands in the past with various incarnations of a band; whether it be solo, Mama’s Boys or Celtus for example, he works relentlessly hard and deserves far more credit than it seems he receives.

“Tattooed In Blue” is a strong and etertaining, but also fun, record with all tha classic rock pulse and blood intact from a musician who has been part of the genre for many years. Pat’s voice is more deep now, his guitar playing still on fire, and he aslo, as usual, play some violin here.
Solid piece of true, classic rock.

01 – Mama Don’t Do It
02 – Good Rockin’Tonight
03 – Bad Little Doggie
04 – Bad Case
05 – Last Bus to Bundoran
06 – Old Days
07 – Blues For Tim
08 – Garbage Can
09 – State of Blue
10 – What If
11 – Caledonia
12 – Faith Forever

Pat McManus – Guitar, Vocals, Violin
Marty McDermott – Bass, Backing Vocals
Paul Faloon – Drums


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