SWEDISH FUNK CONNECTION - 1987 (2018) full

Take a look at the album artwork, the songs titles, the album title… yeah, the debut from SWEDISH FUNK CONNECTION is titled “1987” for a reason: this is pure ’80s stuff from songwriting and execution to production sound.
Don’t be fooled by the band’s name: these experienced musicians started as a cover band and playing funk / soul rock, but for “1987” they morphed to classic Eighties rock&pop and AOR.

Perhaps this 5-piece shoulda have changed name to avoid confusion, but they are happy with it: they play unashamedly ’80s music – all styles of ’80s music.
However, “1987” is focused in second half of the Eighties clean rock&pop plus classic AOR, that kind of polished melodies that ruled the radio and charts world wide in 1987.

So the title “1987” is more than appropriate: ‘This love will last Forever’ sounds like a new Work Of Art song, the catchy ‘Lucky’ feels like a lost Johnny Hates Jazz tune, while the melodic ‘Out of my way’, composed by Michael Learns To Rock.
Love the keyboards and the expanded vocals on ‘Stay with me’ (what a great melody) a song with a strong TOTO influence, then ‘To much money’ is one of the true AOR tracks on the album with some Da Vinci on it. You’ll love it.

I am listening to a new Mr. Mister song? No, it’s Swedish Funk Connection making some magic in ‘Somewhere somehow’ (another highlight).
The uplifting ‘Life is beautiful’ equals The Outfield qualities, again TOTO appears for ‘Love is such a beautiful thing’, but also Peter Friestedt on the elegant guitar work.

‘Stay away from the dark’ is an uptempo AOR tune that seems recorded, indeed, in 1987. The keyboards spark, the guitars jump with melody, and the vocals soar. Awesome track which worth the album alone.
For the end, in an album surprisingly absent of ballads, ‘Million reasons’ is the closest you can get with its midtempo verses and organic chorus. It reminds me the also excellent Swedish band Care Of Night.

SWEDISH FUNK CONNECTION - 1987 (2018) inside

I am in love with Swedish Funk Connection, a band which name makes some ‘noise’ and doesn’t reflects the music packed inside their debut “1987”.
You’ll love these really well crafted, arranged and played tunes, the vocals are sweet but strong at the same time, and production is very, very good for this music style.
Few dare to make albums like this nowadays, these Swedes (who else?) did it. Love it. Embrace it. Buy it.

01 – This love will last forever
02 – Lucky
03 – Out of my way
04 – Stay with me
05 – To much money
06 – Somewhere somehow
07 – Life is beautiful
08 – Love is such a beautiful thing
09 – Stay away from the dark
10 – Million reasons

Christer Lärk (vocals)
Peder Jonsson (drums)
Peter Johansson (keyboards)
Mats Johansson (guitar)
Berra Holmgren (bass)


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