STREET TALK – Restoration [MelodicRock Records reissue +9]

STREET TALK - Restoration [MelodicRock Records reissue +9] full

One of the finest Swedish AOR acts – STREET TALK – featuring among others stellar vocalist Göran Edman, got their most celebrated albums reissued by MelodicRock Records with exclusive all new artwork and each including several bonus tracks.
This expanded reissue campaign covers 3 Street Talk albums limited to just 500 units each. (Sold out now)
The original CDs are long out of print, highly sought after and when listed, fetch high prices at Ebay.
Let’s taste “Restoration +9“.

Appeared in 2002 “Restoration” was Street Talk’s third release, and may be their most complete album. Street Talk took everything that worked on Transition and made it that much better here.

STREET TALK - Restoration [MelodicRock Records reissue +9] booklet

Edman sounds perfect as expected, and even gets an assist on two tracks by former Valentine / Open Skyz singer Hugo.
There’s a bit more punch on this album, with a certain Melodic Rock feel in the Scandinavian vein where the guitars are sharper, though it’s still as smooth as AOR gets.

STREET TALK - Restoration [MelodicRock Records reissue +9] back

MelodicRock Records expanded reissue of “Restoration” features new cover artwork, the Japanese bonus track “After the Tears” and 8 additional bonus demos, rough mixes and instrumental tracks.
This expanded reissue is sold out, so if you see a copy buy it with eyes closed, not only it’s a great AOR album, but also a collector’s piece.
Highly Recommended


01 – Give Me A Reason
02 – Hare And Hounds
03 – Language Of Love
04 – Tables Turning
05 – Dancer In The Rain
06 – A Place In The Sun
07 – My Heart Beats For You
08 – Forever By Your Side
09 – In The Arms Of Love
10 – Why Is My Heart Feeling Lonely Tonight
11 – After The Tears (Japanese bonus track)
12 – Why Is My Heart Feeling Lonely(Demo Kimmo Blom vocals)
13 – Forever By Your Side (Demo Kimmo Blom vocals)
14 – Till The End Of Time (Peter Broman Vocals)
15 – Language Of Love (Rough Mix)
16 – Dancer In The Rain (Rough Mix)
17 – Tables Turning (Rough Mix)
18 – A Place In The Sun (Instrumental)
19 – Why Is My Heart Feeling Lonely Tonight (Instrumental)

Goran Edman: vocals
Hugo: vocals
Frederik Bergh: keyboards, piano
Sven Larsson: guitars
Bjorn Lodmark: bass
Christian Johansson: drums


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