STATION – More Than The Moon +1 (2018)

STATION - More Than The Moon +1 (2018) full

New York based melodic rockers STATION consisting of singer Patrick Kearney, guitarist Chris Lane, bassist Emi Asta and drummer Tony Baptist are finally back on track with their second full album entitled “More Than The Moon“, out tomorrow April 13.
Station has been making noise in the rock circuit since 2011. Their debut EP, ‘Wired’, gained them international recognition and rave reviews, but the real hype started in 2015 when they released their self-titled debut album.

Three years later the US quartet is on fire again and delivers another winner for classic AOR and Melodic Rock lovers. “More Than The Moon” showcases their unique talent of writing and performing songs in the tradition of Firehouse or Nelson with an updated sound.
These young dudes of Station obviously live and breath ’80s culture, take a look at the photo below, it seems pictured in 1989, right?

And musically, they do so.
Station are the epitome of AOR / melodic rock: pristine lead vocals, sharp melodic layers of guitars, pumping fat bass lines, kickin’ drums (with that big-boom sound) and lots of harmony vocals in the song’s chorus.
First 3 tracks; ‘I Won’t Break Your Heart’ (akin Nelson 1st album), ‘Cost of the Sand’ (Firehouse) and title track ‘More Than the Moon’ (Alias)… that’s the influences, done with Station 2018 style, here and now.

STATION - More Than The Moon +1 (2018) inside

More quality, yes melodic rock high quality in ‘I Don’t Mind’ (Honymoon Suite anyone?), a beautiful ballad on ‘Lie to You’ (Extreme), a killer AOR midtempo in ‘Easier Said Than Done’ (Wild Rose), more Nelson on ‘Always Be a Part of Me’, Nineties Foreigner in the killer ‘Always Be a Part of Me’… but these are comparisons or references, Station does his own business.

I love these guys. Listening to “More Than The Moon” it’s like 1989 again.
The songwriting approach, performances and sound production by Station is quite unique in 2018. This kind of music / style so ‘faithfully’ done is often reserved for European bands, it’s a rare beast to hear an American band – I mean a new, young band – playing this wonderful, timeless rock music in the US in this Millennium.
’80s suckers, grab this one as soon as possible… A Must Have.


01 – I Won’t Break Your Heart
02 – Cost of the Sand
03 – More Than the Moon
04 – I Don’t Mind
05 – Lie to You
06 – Easier Said Than Done
07 – Still the One
08 – Losing You
09 – Always Be a Part of Me
10 – Northport Sunset
11 – When I Came Undone
12 – Walking Away
13 – Never Enough

Vocals – Patrick Kearney
Guitar – Chris Lane
Bass: Emi Asta
Drums: Tony Baptist



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