SAFFIRE – Where The Monsters Dwell (2018)

SAFFIRE - Where The Monsters Dwell (2018)  full

Not well known worldwide yet, Swedes SAFFIRE are one of this blog favorites. They have a new album ready to be released titled “Where The Monsters Dwell“, and I hope this one finally brought ’em the deserved recognition.
Saffire’s musical delivery is always interesting, their 2 previous CD were quite different, and this third adds new elements again.

Indeed, Saffire are not afraid to push their limits and not repeat themselves. Their first record was mostly hard rock-driven with a strong progressive approach, while their second, released by AOR Heaven Records and one of the best 2015 albums for us, turned things much more melodic hard rock / AOR oriented.

Now with “Where The Monsters Dwell”, Saffire blend all these styles with a new ingredient; traditional, classic hard rock. The music is built over strong guitar riffs mixed with old-school influenced vocals, shrilling guitar solos, organ / Hammond, and some occasional ’80s Scandi-sounding keyboards.
Think Rainbow with J.L. Turner circa 1983, a bit of Deep Purple 1985, some ‘commercial’ DIO, a pinch of Whitesnake, Europe, and more.

Are Saffire still looking for their sound after so many changes between albums?
I don’t think so: these guys play the music coming from their hearts, and are so talented that they can easily switch between styles, and do everything right.

On “Where The Monsters Dwell” Saffire has perfected the art of making accessible rock songs with substance, and at the same time provide hooks and melodies, some of them truly memorable.
This is the kind of albums that works better listening to it in its entirety, like classic LP’s should, so I didn’t highlighted a particular track: all are stupendous. Production is great for this type of music, warm but updated to modern times.

Saffire is a band deserving major exposure. They are terrific, and I think “Where The Monsters Dwell” will be in my Classic Rock Best Of list this year.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Wolf Among The Sheep
02 – Hard To Keep, Hard To Find
03 – Valley Of The Damned
04 – Broken Crown
05 – Where The Monsters Dwell
06 – How Cold Is Your Blood
07 – Road To Paradise
08 – Perfectly Worthless
09 – Dark Horizon
10 – Fortress
11 – The Rainmaker

Tobias Jansson – Vocals
Victor Olsson – Guitars
Magnus Carlsson – Bass
Dino Zuzic – Keyboards
Anton Roos – Drums


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