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One of the much criminally forgotten gems of the ’80s relegated (for years) to be released on CD was without a doubt RIGGS, the band founded by guitarist / vocalist Jerry Riggs. Fortunately, not so long ago the highly respected label Wounded Bird Records remastered and released for the first time on CD the band’s self-titled album “Riggs”, a must have in your ’80s collection.

Riggs is the brainchild of singer guitarist Jerry Riggs, a bit of a AOR / Melodic Rock hero in his heyday (first half of the Eighties), collaborating with many artists to shape their sound according to the era, such as Paul Sabu or Pat Travers.
But Jerry Riggs also had a shot in 1982 to record his own killer songs with this “Riggs”, an album packing all the hallmarks of superb American Melodic Rock / AOR we all love.

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“Riggs” starts with the arena-ready anthem ‘Ready Or Not’, driven by monster guitars cranked to 10 and melodious vocals.
Rockin’ AOR is the motto of follower ‘One Night Affairs’, again with a terrific a guitar work and steady rhythm section but this time enhanced by superb keyboards. Those ’80s keyboards’ to die for.

Another pearl arrives with ‘Over And Over’, one of the best – and ignored – AOR tunes ever crafted in the first half of the ’80s. There’s that ‘pulse’ impossible to re-create today.
‘Writing On The Wall’ turn things pretty hard rocking, then the catchy ‘Depending On Love’ give you a free lesson on how to write a great melodic rock song.
More pumping AOR is delivered with class on the lovely ‘Christine’, next ‘Don’t Walk Away’ is very close to a ballad but it’s an atmospheric, great midtempo.
Closer ‘Too Strong’ is another highlight, not too far of the sound to be developed by Paul Sabu years later. Killer chorus, killer solo.

RIGGS - Riggs [Wounded Bird Records remaster] back

I know many of you never hear about “Riggs”. Well, let me tell you are missing something good, really good in your Melodic Rock / AOR collection.
Thankfully Wounded Bird Records rescued this killer album with a fantastic remastering job from the original tapes for all to enjoy. The sound is pristine, vibrant.
Sadly, this was a limited release with the remaining copies being sold for $170 and over…
A must have cult classic.

01 – Ready Or Not
02 – One Night Affairs
03 – Over & Over
04 – Take It Off
05 – Writing On The Wall
06 – Depending On Love
07 – Girls On The Loose
08 – Christine
09 – Don’t Walk Away
10 – Too Strong

Vocals, Guitar – Jerry Riggs
Guitar – Jeremy Graf
Bass, Vocals – Dave Ridarick
Drums – Stephen Carlisle


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