PEO – Orbit Of Dreams (2018)

PEO - Orbit Of Dreams (2018) full

After recording a really fine melodic rock album as part of PAL – released early this year and featured on this blog – Swede PEO Pettersson is presenting his new solo album “Orbit Of Dreams“. Apart form the lead vocals and songwriting, Peo took care of most the instruments, with guitar solos contributed by his partner in PAL Roger Ljungren, CJ Grimmark (Narnia), Janne Stark (Grand Design) and long time friend Ulf Andersson (Masquerade).

Previous PEO solo album (featured on the blog) and released by AOR Heaven Records was some kind of a return to his first effort, one of the most celebrated indie Melodic Rock / AOR albums of the Nineties, but the Swede has a wide range of influences – since his teens has been involved in over 250 recordings to date – and here in “Orbit Of Dreams” we find a mix of styles.

Songs like ‘Back Again’, ‘Should Have Walked the Other Way’ and especially ‘Enough’ and ‘We’re Gonna Lose It Now’ pack that melodic rock bounce Peo is known for.
‘King of My Castle’ turn things more Seventies rock oriented, then midtempo ‘Give a Little Love’, ‘Going Home Again’ or ‘Something’s on My Mind’ are really fine bluesy classic rockers. Think David Coverdale’s ‘Restless Heart’ album.

“Orbit Of Dreams” is a varied album mixing melodic rockers with bluesy classic rock numbers, all well balanced with an homogeneous production.
Peo’s voice has matured with age, more soulful now, and all songs here are solid, enjoyable rockers with a timeless feeling.
Strongly Recommended


01. Cowboys They Don’t Cry
02. Sailor
03. Give a Little Love
04. Going Home Again
05. King of My Castle
06. Lonesome Mother
07. Back Again
08. We’re Gonna Lose It Now
09. Should Have Walked the Other Way
10. Something’s on My Mind
11. Enough
12. Better Take You Home
13. It’s Over Now

Peo Pettersson (PAL) – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards
Roger Ljungren (PAL, Grand Illusion, NIVA) – guitar
CJ Grimmark (Narnia) – guitar
Janne Stark (Grand Design) – guitar
Ulf Andersson (Masquerade) – guitar
Gabriel Karlsson – guitar
Tony Morra – drums



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