JETBONE – Come Out And Play (2018)

JETBONE - Come Out And Play (2018) full

Come Out And Play” is the just released new album from the dynamically named rockers JETBONE, their first on a major label.
Founded in December 2011 Jetbone hail from Sundsvall, Sweden, and wear their influences very firmly on their sleeves, this is classic rock / funky rock at its very best.

Jetbone sounds as if they’ve been listening to their parent’s LP record collection for years. They’ve stepped into the studio with strong enough material to record an album full of real swagger and exuberant musical twists and turns.
The band features two songwriting vocalists; bass player Gurten Sjödin and guitarist Alin Riabouchkin, whose contrasting phrasing brings light and shade to the band’s collective intensity.
They sparkle on expansive arrangements, catchy hooks, booming vocals and scintillating playing that contributes to, rather than dominates the songs.

Jetbone tear into each song with a real ferocity to suggest this is a one shot deal. The album derives its coherence from a rich production by Martin Karlegard and mix by legendary Stefan Glaumann (Backyard Babies).
Both the band and Karlegard place a high emphasis on a layered wall of sound and salient vocals, as evidenced by the funky groove of opener title track ‘Come Out and Play’ with some early Aerosmith swagger on it as well.

At times they explore a good old fashioned rock and roll vibe, but Jetbone is a broad musical church that brings together hard rock, blues, funk and soul with total commitment.
As example, on the smooth melodic-rocky ‘It’s So Hard’ I hear some Eagles harmonies with that sunny, feel-good California sound. Love this tune, one of the highlights on this CD.
‘Chickadee’ add a lot of soul to the proceedings, but still the riffs rock hard, and the band are able to create great ballads as well as heard on ‘Road In The Sky’ with pianos, acoustics and deep vocals.

Clocking at only 2:21 minutes ‘Lady’ captivates with classic hard rock riffs, some kind of a mix between Led Zeppelin II and the more modern approach of The Answer.

JETBONE - Come Out And Play (2018) back

The first bars of ‘Not A Fool To Cry’ immediately brings to mind Lynyrd Skynyrd updated to 2018 with sweet bluesy melodies, while ‘Don’t Hold Me Back’ rocks again with funky riffs and organ all over.

With their youthful age (the youngest just turned 21) and their true classic rock spirit Jetbone is just another proof that true rock n’ roll is not dead.
Strong songs and a vital production makes this “Come Out And Play” a winner, ready to conquer the world thanks to a major recording label distribution.
No, timeless classic rock isn’t dead yet.
Highly Recommended

01 – Come Out and Play
02 – Are You Ready?
03 – It’s So Hard
04 – Chickadee
05 – Road in the Sky
06 – Lady
07 – Twisted Company
08 – Not a Fool to Cry
09 – Don’t Hold Me Back
10 – Make This Song Together

Gurten Sjödin – Vocals, Bass
Alin Riabouchkin – Vocals, Guitar
Sebastian Engberg – Guitar
Rasmus Fors – Keys
Albin Linder – Drums


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