GRAND DESIGN – Idolizer [Remastered & Remixed] (2018)

GRAND DESIGN - Idolizer [Remastered & Remixed] (2018) full

Swedish melodic rockers GRAND DESIGN have their new album out and are ready to play both MelodicRock Fest USA & Scandinavia in May 2018. But also the band has their 2011 album “Idolizer” freshly Remastered & Remixed 2018, re-released with new cover artwork as well.

Originally released October 28, 2011, via AOR Heaven Records, “Idolizer” was the natural follow-up to the debut album ‘Time Elevation’, providing an even more refined dose of hook-laden ’80s melodic hard rock with sing-along choruses such as “Get On With The Action”, Let’s Rawk The Night” and “Rock Back To The 80s”.

When the agreement with the band’s former label ended, the album was discontinued and has since then been a sought-after item, with copies being sold for over $100.
Now, it’s finally available again.
Re-released by Sharp Music Sweden and only available digitally for the moment, “Idolizer” has been slightly updated in a few spots.

Three of the songs feature new guitar solos by current Grand Design guitarist, Janne Stark, and “You’re Love’s A Runaway” feature guest backing vocals by Susie Päivärinta, from the ’80s pop hitmakers Lili & Susie.

Several bands have issued albums in the past years with a strong Def Leppard influence, 7th Heaven and Wildstreet immediately come to mind, but nobody has been able to accomplish the task as well as Grand Design has.
Again, they have taken the best of Pyromania, Hysteria and Adrenalize, but this time adding some new modern approach, mixed them into their own concoction, and the result is “Idolizer”, a lovely, catchy rockin’ album.
This new remix add a little more guitar presence on some tracks, while on others the ton of layered harmony vocals are even bigger.
Highly Recommended

01 – Get on with the Action
02 – Change Me Up
03 – Oughtograugh (2017 Version)
04 – Your Love’s a Runaway (2017 Version feat Susie Päivärinta)
05 – Stealin’ My Love
06 – Let’s Rawk the Night
07 – Addiction for Love
08 – Idolize Me
09 – Rock Back to the 80s
10 – You’re Gonna Dig on It (2017 Version)

Pelle Saether – Vocals
Janne Stark – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Dennis Vestman – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Stefan – Bass
Perra – Drums


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